The Pain Of Rich Boys

Since childhood, he was aware that he's a rich dude. Though my parents are always trying to let you dress is simple and not expensive accessories used items but he still knew his background did not reach thuong.0: 00/3: domain 10Nu Namai met him for the first time also commended the familiar question like: "Look at him, behold, it is true that dude, the snap of the milk". "Why it white that?", "He is happy in the bud" .

... As has become university students, a lot of times he expressed to his father about his passion
He used to aspire to own a car identical model in a showroom on display that day he went through just to ... ngam.Anh think I assumed age to own a private car. Even, he is ready to do everything parents want to get that car. He found himself with the right to require, and a car is not so outrageous. Since he passed the university, they do not give him a gift of value, while they do do.Nam extra strength to the senior, dreams were driving separately to the school made him crazy. Close to graduating from college days, he frankly expressed to her father about it
Dad did not say much but just promise me one sentence: "The father at the time, a few days left until the graduation ceremony that, right?". Finally, he went to school, completing the security graduation thesis defense, returned home but still not get the car that you desire day. He depressed, did not want to meet anyone. That evening, Dad called him into his office and started a conversation: "Dad is very proud to have a son as a good and obedient child" .After that up, declared also expressed a lot of he loves you like. Ending the conversation, father handed him a box of glittering gifts. He is extremely disappointed, because that is not what he needs. But looking at the eyes and smile dad, he knows inside curious box gi.Anh had not uttered a single word because it is a ... book. Unable to restrain anger, UAT choking were repressed for a long time, he shouted: "He is very rich, so that all that dad can give me just one book alone you?". Since from the evening, he is determined not spend a penny more of his parents. He got out of the house and find yourself a life moi.Nhieu years later, he became a successful businessman, is married to the woman he loves, born 2 kids and enjoy a happy life. Do not need the help of parents, you still get everything you want. However, his heart still hurt by broken relationships with family, especially dad. He did not see him since graduating from college. He also did not give him ve.Sau seekers, he received a call notification deceased father. According to his will, he inherited his father's entire assets. When returning to the house in the past to find some important papers, he happened to see the book is still placed in a gift box glittering feeling sad day nao.Cam gradually appear and invade the whole body older brother. Could not stop the tears, he cried like a child. After all these years, it was the first time he flipped that book, the first page is the familiar handwriting of the father: "Son Well, this is the best gift that dad can give you. Use it carefully, I slightly. I love you and proud of you ".A keys suddenly fell out from between the books. Many years passed, he realized it was the key of the car he's ever owned longing. He could not cry, could not stand up anymore. Never before he felt the pain to be so.

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