The Pain Of The Husband Has A Lovely Wife With Superior

My wife changed dizzying, beautiful, more momentum. I thought she changed it because she, but no, she changed because of our boss. Born and raising children and raising her became not treating the form. At home, my wife's wardrobe is absent from the dresses or stylish office suits. Many times I suggested that my wife changed, because I would also want her to change the form to change the mood for fun

. I also have the day my wife changes true. When she went back to work, she became more dressed, but more. The wardrobe is replaced a few turns
She becomes more beautiful and charming. I thought she changed for me. But no, the truth is much more painful. She changed because of my boss. Illustration. We do the same company. Normally every day after all we stayed together home. But gradually she demanded a private car to actively now. I find it reasonable to agree. Then the times she returned late to increase
At the same time, the reason for a lot of things, when the meeting was urgently, the time to enhance ... I accepted. Taking care of my child and grandmother worriedly, my wife didn't have to worry much. One day, while the sleepy children still woke up to welcome his wife. That day I suddenly wanted to know everything on my wife. I sat down, after a few unaccompulled, I finally figured my wife's password based on the births of two children. From here the truth revealed that I was shocked. My wife adulted with the total boss. At first they chat together just to ask about written documents, a long time just asked about the job. Gradually asked stories about private life and jokes appearing. At that, the words dating each other in turn appeared before my eyes. I stood still, I couldn't expect my partner to betray like that, right away with my boss, and at the same time as her boss. I didn't say these things with my wife. I don't want to lose your job, I don't want to lose my wife. I don't know what to do? Please give me the advice, sincerely thank you! Trhu ... @

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