The Peaceful Actor Unexpectedly Expressed Anxiety For The ‘ex-wife Mother’ During The Epidemic Season Even For A Long Time

Peace actor has just been interested in the 'ex-wife mother' between the situation of stressful epidemics.0: 00/1: 25 NamNam Thanh Binh actor still dearly call Ngoc Lan's mother "Mother" when posting Posts on Facebook. On the Personal Personal, Peace Shared Photos Go to buy goods, food in season. Binh.Nam actor expressed: "Saigon between the center of epidemic adds big rain

. People who are difficult, psychology I can help it. Thank you for delivery has not been afraid of danger, rain and wind! Sincerely ". Binh Tan is a safe place, today Test N and out a new pile of cases
Mother keeps calm and limiting the maximum exposure ". The writing of Thanh Binh.Thanh Binh also doesn't forget to tag the mother of Ngoc Lan and show anxiety when she is in the area with cases." Binh Tan is the most unsafe place. Today Test N and let out a new pile of cases. Mother keeps calm and limiting the maximum exposure ", Thanh Binh shared. Pacific and actress Ngoc Lan has a common son Louis. Although he knuckled with Ngoc Lan for a long time, Thanh Binh was still a term Relations are very good with ex-wife's family. He often went to Ngoc Lan house played and still called Louis's grandmother "Mother". Pepper and mother-in-law
Mother of Ngoc Lan also spoke about Thanh Binh. : "Thanh Binh Hien is hospitably with her parents ... and the whole mind is full of all his little family. But unknowingly the average beekeeping for monkeys so much so it happened to happen. "Binh Binh and Ngoc Lan love, the marriage of Thanh Binh and Ngoc Lan took place not too much turbulent, both ends Beautifully makes the audience admire about how they broke up in civilization. Pham Quynh Thuong - CTV

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