The People Struggled To Declare ‘residential Movements’

A lot of cases have to turn their heads because they cannot declare information on the technology phone application, some other paper declarations, waiting forever without pen to fill in information. All people when passing the latch Must declare, including shipper when there is an order. 17/8, recorded at the Translation Control Close on Le Van Duyen Street (Binh Thanh District), Ho Chi Minh City, even on the 2nd day deploying the declaration The "population movement" newspaper, but many people are still quite embarrassing when too much information need to declare in the browser scanning the request code. at Le Van Duyen Street (Binh Thanh District), People have to stop reporting information and submitted to the road paper to be passed through. Trần Ngọc ánh (Binh Thanh District), said: "My phone doesn't have 3G, I have to declare paper information, But currently the pen for declaration is not enough, we have to wait for the turn

. I went to buy medicine this morning, but wait for this time to take a lot of time. Control like this I also agreed, but because we were not used to, as well as not updated with timely information ". Declaration process takes a lot of time, causing many dynamic components, can not move
Here, many people have to spend cars back because they cannot declare information, many older people, not working on smartphones have been quite embarrassing when they still cannot declare information Many people have to fear their help or volunteers. This unknowingly broke the principle of 5k when most people could not make a distance of 2m as the 16 indicator stated. QR is glued in different places, to avoid the current state of concentration. A "population movement" declaration point, people will take about 5-10 minutes / declaration, this unknowingly loses a lot of time and happens a phenomenon. In order to concentrate people and quickly through controls, people need to declare information through the "population movement" system at the website in advance at home, to Avoid a lot of time. Sauk Hi has declared information, the functional force will check on the system software through the QR code of the people provided. The militia volume supports people to report information
Internet, many people have to declare directly with paper at the quarantine latch. Volunteer volunteers bring QR codes to take place and support the people to declare as quickly as possible. Tho Vinh - Trung Nguyen n

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