The Person Claiming To ‘christmas’ Can Control Covid-19 That Has Been Summed Up Several Times

Local, 'Teacher Long' repeatedly occurs with neighbors, opposing functional forces and causing security in the region, which has been sanctioned several times in: 00/5: 05 domain NAMVIDEO: Neighbors pressed their self-proclaiming 'Christmas' controlling Covid-1900: 00: 41 September 19, PV VTC News was present at the street group No. 4 (Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi City) To find out information about the man who posted multiple clips on YouTube introduces itself as "Master Long" - "Christmas ceiling", capable of reducing the number of cases and death due to Covid- 19 in Ho Chi Minh City. "Master Long" real name is the main salary of Khang. His family moved to live in the street population No. 4 from 2015 so far and as a prayer, people living in Xuan Tao ward said: "This man has a mysterious action, The house is always installed and specials never exchanged with neighboring neighbors

. Years before there are epidemics, many people from all provinces and cities often flock to worship "." , the number of people arrived less, maybe he was arrested by the functional force for anti-opposition behavior, "Mr. N
added. The man claimed to be" Master Long ". (Photo cut from the clip) Living with the street group with Mr. Khang, sister B.H.T. (Residing in Xuan Tao Ward) said that this man often goes on social networks that lack the standards of culture and beliefs. "In particular, in recent clips talk about" Covid-19 reality Through spiritual eyes ", I feel very ridiculous, anti-science. I suggest that authorities need to have strong measures for people who have manifesting cultural propaganda and false beliefs for the room Anti-Covid-19 epidemic ", Ms. Bth shared
As a person who knows information about residents in street population No. 4, Mr. Nguyen Long Giang - Head of the Today Nu 4 (Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi) said that since moving back here to live, this man repeatedly occurs with neighbors and local authorities and causes security disorder in the area. "Recently, during relaxation Social, prevention and control of Covid-19, at Anh Khang's house often has many people who come to gather to see fortune telling causing security in the region. In particular, although the functional force propaganda reminds, only one time returns to the same time. There are times he goes through the green area of the population group to check the paper on the road and go to the paper Market during social interpretation. However, this man is not executed but has anti-core behavior, attendance of the key group. After that, I had to advise it, he was calmed down, "Mr. Jiang said. According to the head of the streets No. 4, the previous time, Mr. Khang used to use guns (toys) to threaten people Other causes regional security insolutions. Later, he was invited by the functional force of Xuan Tao ward and Bac Tu Liem district to head office and sanctioning. No such, due to conflicts in the issue Piles worshiping, this man is often gathered to the debt collection house. "Although he received a deposit but he did not follow as committed, the two sides had a dispute and they came to debt . After that, the functional force must go to the intervention, the gathering causing the security of security in the new area ends, "Mr. Giang said. Besides, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Kim - Vice-Residential Vice Group No. 4 For more, from the day he lived here to live, this neighborhood has not been peaceful. Mr. Xuan led at the same time, this person applied to the billboards "Mr. Long Bai An has returned", when he dug, Hewless causing disorder, then pouring the whole wastewater in the area to safely hygiene the neighborhood. The recent bullshit clips of a man claiming to be "Christmas ceiling" is making public opinion, replies PV VTC News, representative of Department of Information and Communications (TT

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