The Person Who Carries The Mission To Prevent Disaster In The Us

Ashley Farinacci-Silifies is assigned a high responsibility when it becomes a watching person in the last fire observation tower of the United States.0 of America.0: 00/5: 15nam Southern "Flaming Who" is the name that everyone is good Call Ashley's profession. Every day, she climbed to Devil's Head - the highest point in the Rampart range in Colorado state. She stood silently inside the observation tower (or the fire tower) with a pair of binoculars gripped

. Rampart is part of the front range, creating an extreme edge of the Rocky Mountains. The beautiful scenery of the mountain is what the government here wants to protect. And to do that, those who look fire like Ashley are unable to replace
"It seems to be a fire," Ashley said and stared at the distance away. It turned out, it was just a large dust, which could be caused by a car. "May not this time," the person who caught a sigh of relief and continued his daily job ... the work of the Flame-san who was hired by the US Forestry Department to look back to the Front range. The fire tower where she work is also one of the few towers to operate seasonally in the US.So with predecessors, Ashley's work is slightly slightly thanks to technology advances. She has access to 360-degree cameras, unmanned aircraft and thermal sensors to detect fires from the time of new groups.Ashley is one of the last fire-looking people
However, Ashley affirmed Technology cannot replace the role of people who look fire. People are more flexible in the ability to synthesize information and connect to ground parts. Those are unmanned aircraft things that cannot be done. Charferen of Fire people must spend 6 months in remote wooden cabins. To get to this place, Ashley must walk through the Devil's Head trail about 2 km long. Standing from a height of 270 m, Ashley admired the wonderful scenery every time the sun changed. "Sometimes, the sun shines things that I've never seen before," she said. The most exhausting time of the fire is in the forest burning season, usually lasting from May to November. Ashley Climbing 143 steps to the top and watching unusual smells rising. They can be a little small fire from a campfire. However, it may also be a sign of the big fire after the lightning struck down the forest. The most useful tool with Ashley is the Osborne fire machine - a tool to help people see the fire determine the position of the fire far. This tool was developed since 1911 by a US Forestry Department employee called William Osborne. After determining, she contacted and the fire team came to extinguish the fire. Last year, Ashley discovered 5 fires. However, this number is very small compared to hundreds of different fires that occur across the state. The girl spends most of the time in the forest to determine the fire. Front is the usually point of forest fire Featured dry climate. The year 2020 was seen as the most terrible five forest burns ever recorded. 2,800 km2 Forest was burned. However, this year's situation is more positive because the summer is unusual in the summer.When do not discover any unusual flames, Ashley enlisted to learn more about plant animals in the forest. She also got the knowledge of the clouds and signs of lightning. Sometimes, Ashley talks to the tourists who are hiking through the forest or playing with Fjord and Fiona - 2 of her cats. Put his hand on the desk, she thought about the disaster when burning Forests occur. Many people may not be aware of this but it actually causes terrible impacts. Hanman Forest Battle in 2002 left obsessions in Ashley even though she did not directly involved but only read when sitting on the lecture hall. "It was one of the worst forest fire", she shared. In the years past, the fires in the Western region in the West are increasing. It is mainly encroached by people to occupy arid areas and to develop uncontrolled forests. In addition, climate change also causes serious problems. Files are blaching longer than ever. Last year, 40,000 km2 forests were burned across the United States - a record since the data were recorded. The tower statue of the alarm of fires, Ashley also has a high duty. It is maintaining the fire tower - a unique culture and a long history in the US. According to the BBC, as soon as the American Forestry Department established the early 20th century, 7 large fireworks were built along the Front range , from Wyoming to New Mexico. Their uses are still like today: Helping the management team to detect forest fires. The tower is a one-time symbol of America.Devil's Head is one of the original locations. The fire tower was built here since 1919 under the management of Helen DeWe - Colorado's first fire supervisor and the US's second, after Hallie Morse Dagger (in California). Over time, the tower becomes a local famous place thanks to a special position with a panoramic view of the front range. By 1991, this place was included in the National Register g

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