The Person Who Travels To The Translation Of Covid-19

Eating years should make thanks to the revenue from tourism, unexpectedly pandemic Covid-19 outbreaks and persistent prolongs causing many people to fall into a DAO institutional situation in: 00/6: 03 men's well as local Other across the country, the tourism industry in 2 provinces, Thanh Quang Nam and Da Nang are continuing to "freeze" because of the Covid-19 epidemic. There is no guest, opening the door as well as the ball. The shop is closed. The street is silent as a sheet .

.. It is an existing scene in Hoi An ancient town, Quang Nam province for a year and a half of the outbreak of Covid-19 disease. The ancient Ancient Hoi An is like a sheet, a few goods open But don't take a guest
Oom in the early morning in July, most restaurants, cafes, souvenirs in the old town are still in the state of the door. Today, the restaurant cum cafes on Tran Phu street of the couple Nguyen Ngoc Oanh is a few facility opening business. Like many days earlier, the sadness was still existing on the faces of the couple when the eyes looked at the eyes did not take a diner to visit, after years of accumulation, end of the year 2019, her husband and she decided to take the two small children from the city to the old town to turn the business. "Selling houses in the coastal area, the family rented a 2-storey old house in this to open a restaurant. At that time, we were very confident because they had many years of experience as a chef for large restaurants. The first time in operation, the restaurant cum cafes attracted a lot of tourists and bringing interests to hundreds of millions of dongs per month, "Ms Oanh said. All nearly 20 family restaurants My family has leaned off. I and my husband are struggling to manage the money, then Ms. Oanh, after the Lunar New Year 2020, the Covid-19 epidemic disease has Christmas a lumerous blow, marking for a long-distance sliding step of guest-based business activities travel. Within a year and a half, spent 4 translations of Covid-19, Ms
Oanh couple and many restaurant owners, souvenirs in the old town to recur "chorus" opened the door. "Actually, no matter The time of epidemic deposition and we opened business, the trade was not where there was no guests. Therefore, half this year, all nearly 20 family restaurants my family have quit their jobs. I and my husband are struggling to manipulate money to make a month with a loan interest rate of banks when opening a restaurant, "Ms. Oanh poured out the sigh and share more, recently, her husband has negotiated For landlords on the end of the lease contract a year. Luckily, the landlord sympatheted and agreed to expect this July, her husband will sell the sale of all the facilities in the restaurant to earn less capital and then calculate other lips. Ms. Oanh, Mr. Le Ngoc Thuan (41 years old) - The owner of 3 famous restaurants in Hoi An is also miserable when Covid-19 epidemic has not been extinguished. Mr. Thuan said, currently, he owns 2 adjacent restaurants along An Bang Beach and 1 Restaurant near Tra Que Vegetable Village. The restaurant along An Bang Bai An Bang of Anh Thuan only opened the door to the occasion At the end of the week. Thuan confided, the moment of Translation Covid-19 has not appeared, tourists to Hoi An are very crowded. British restaurants are almost every day. "For two years, epidemic disease caused international visitors unable to go and the country in the country was fading, dragging the loss of business. After many openings but no guests, I decided to close two-thirds of the restaurant earlier this year. The remaining restaurant works but only open on weekends, the revenue is not worth it, ", Mr. Thuan Bạch.Whi the restaurants must be closed or on moderate business, most of the staff Five Thuan's years also accepted the job to choose the new direction. Mentioning here, he shows up: "The first few months, I still tried to manage the staff to quit 1-2 million VND / month, and now the force was not in mind. Currently, the only restaurant is active, only using about 20 employees and layout to turn the shift so they have income to cover life. Hope to epidemic quickly so that the tourism sector early rebounded ".kille, default because of Covid-19 translation here, Anh Tam couple, Ms. Thuy, owner of Lac Gia, specializing in tour services Asian countries in Da Nang, have to do the procedures for stopping the company due to too closestocking.Theo Anh Tam, businesses operate since 2016, mainly organizing tours for delegations from Korea and Thailand Lan, Japan to Da Nang. With 15 employees, the company did business quite stable. "Song, since the translation of Covid-19 outbreaks and prolonged, the company has no guests, meaning revenue is 0 dong. Now, all employees have also quit their jobs," Mr. Tam is Merciful. As Quang Nam , Many tourism industry workers are also plenty of executioners, not only the British Company but most businesses operating in the field of travel also in the field of enlightenment. Does the owner to transfer to the old Japanese bicycle trafficking, with business people online

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