The Philippines Legendary Martial Arts Announced The Presidential Election In 2022

The legendary Filipino Manny Pacquiao has accepted the nomination of the opposition of the ruling party of President Rodrigo Duterte to participate in presidential election in 2022. Ms. Mater Manny Pacquiao. (Photo: AFP) On September 19, the legendary boxer legendary Filipino Manny Pacquiao announced it would elevate this Southeast Asian National President in 2022, ending many months to appear speculations of punching This legend will look for the top position of country or not. Pacquiao has accepted the opposition of the ruling party of President Rodrigo Duterte

. People are announced by the Filipino people. " It's time to - we are willing to accept the challenge. "Speaking at the National Congress of PDP-Laban Party, Senator Pacquiao declared:" I'm a boxer, and I will always be a martial arts Doctors inside and outside the Vo Radio
I accepted the nomination as a candidate of the Republic of the Philippines. "Since 2010, Pacquiao participated in politics and was a senator. Pacquiao with a record 8 times the world championship at different weighing classes is seen as a hero. The father's father's election is given only a few weeks after August 22, Mr. Pacquiao to Losing to the counterpart of the Cuban Yordenis Ugas in the screen can be the last professional battle of a glorious career. The focus of Pacquiao's election campaign is waiting to be a fight against hunger Poor and corruption ./. (VNA / Vietnam)

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