The Picture ‘mother’s Medicine Calendar’ And The Rear Touching Story Make The Cdm Choked

The love story of your parents Dinh Phuong Thanh, staying in Ninh Binh makes the online community touched.When entered the school, many people ever promised to be with the other person even though he was rich or poverty Strong or sick. But not everyone performs that promise. Life has too many difficulties and troubles that make many couples who are gradually forgetting their original promise. The new "Mother's" photo of "calendar", on a fairly crowded group, a person Using Dinh Phuong Thanh's name has shared his parents' love story

. The story begins with her parents who sit eating durians and teasing each other. The "Mother's Mother's" photo of Phuong Thanh attracts attention on social networks. (Screenshot) After that, Phuong Thanh said her father tapped her calendar with a slightly small and difficult fonts
Her father has revised the calendar to take medicine and paste it on the cabinet. Phuong Thanh shared that her parents were sometimes a friction, quarrel but they always kept in the heart of beautiful images of the enemy and always say good to the other half. 22 years from the date of marriage, the affection of your parents Dinh Phuong Thanh is always strong, admirable. (NVCC) extracted this user's confidences: "I want to share this, nothing big Where to slap but feel lovely should tell everyone. His mother married for 22 years without quarreling so ever, but the cases of each other for miscellaneous reasons, often like rice. Sitting durians, her mother eats the beads, his father eats a big beads (because of the two different fruits) to finish his mother's type: "Attend to eat the big seed, this tiny seed "Dad:" Maybe it shows off, "Being a joking around and laughing and laughing, my mother said:" Eat the big seed that I don't have a tee-timed table? "My mother was pretty Many diseases, hospital stays, so the time of taking medicine is also dense. Morning Mother's morning, I declaimed to make a board and print it to paste around the house for easy remember. But my father printed not so much, I didn't mean It is ignored it because of the durian seed but Kho I'm talking again. I stood close to I was afraid: The first place to stand far away was not better ??? the man was silent, sooning the eyes in my heart, went into the room to fix it and print it on the box to argue But still loving each other very well, after the back, it is all good to say good. "Phuong Thanh's sharing line immediately attracted the attention of the online community
Many users have sent health wishes Go to her parents and wish you two always loved each other and lived happily until "blurred eyes, slow legs" sharing the emotion of the owner of the "Mother's Medicine" photo chat with, you Dinh Phuong Thanh, staying in Ninh Binh said the story you posted on the group is the real story of your parents. My parents Phuong Thanh married for 22 years and had a happy marriage. are the final year student of a university in Hanoi. (NVCC) known, from the young age, the mother of the bar is a beautiful girl, many people pursue. However, because of many diseases t At the same time, don't dare to open your lover. "My mother told me to marry her mother and I will suffer but my father told her to marry was a blessing, no miserable," Dinh Phuong Thanh said. According to the 22-year-old student, your mother although many illnesses Lo, vuun for the family. Not only that, your father despite your mother's sick and decided to marry her wife. "I'm sure to take care of it easily," said the bar, Phuong Thanh (left) on a trip. (NVCC) Phuong Thanh recounts that your mother has many diseases, so going to the hospital like meals. Once, your father had to quit the whole month to take care of your mother to surgery. "My house is not quite pretty because of the money and money for a lot of medicine. A salary is almost enough for your mother to buy oral medicine. His father hurriedly in the United States that most of him do not dare to rent or hotel In place to save money to buy drugs. I just dared to rent a folding chair but slept in the hallway. My father said only to remember about 50,000 / session, "Phuong Thanh said. Take care of your wife again so your mother quickly recovered. "My mother hospitalized a few more months. Mother finished institute to wear a fixed brace after surgery. My father was the one who gave her mother to bathe with the toilet. My mother was kidney again, the night must go to the toilet 3-4 times. But in the middle of the night, I still wake up to support my mother ", the thrilling shares of the bar.After the disease was repelled, Phuong Thanh's mother gradually recovered but she could not practice sports or transport Strong dynamic. Her father also gave up his favorite tennis to walk with his wife. Emotional, attention, care of this husband for the wife that makes everyone touch. The bar recounts that because your mother's health is not good, your father usually actively does all the house. Holidays or anniversaries, your father never forgot to give her gift. This student also wishes later I will get a great husband, love you

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