The ‘pink Balls’ Are Handicapped

It was born unfortunately when the body was disabled, instead of wearing, surrendered, those 'pink shadows "did not surrender fate, rising to become a useful person for the Socialist 09: 00/5: 13 Southern Sad Settlement, Make Money With Foot Parts, more than 30 years must be located, sitting in a place, but it is a place for Sam Thi Giang (SN 1988, Hoa Tien, Chau Tien Commune, Quy Chau District, Quy Chau District, Nghe An) has a skillful embroidery hand across the region. Jiang's products are highly appreciated by people, hiding their enthusiasm and the sophistication of embroidery people. Jiang's orders, so, more and more. Now, although the health has a decline, it is still trying to attach to the yarn needle. Currently, on average, every 3 months, she made from 2 - 3 products such as Thai skirt legs, pieces, tablecloths

... minutes of pleasure, Giang Tam, herself also wishes to have a small, married house And the children
But then, Jiang immediately reminded himself to be more realistic, consent and loved reality. "The legs are challenging and are the driving force to make me stronger," said Jiang beamed, the smile of optimism, girl's unjustly with fate. On the wheelchair, Jiang remembered The time was difficult before before. Giang said, from birth, she was unfortunate as peer friends when he was polio. At the age of school, look at friends who love the dress to school, the desire to learn the word in Giang urge. She asked her parents to go to school. Loving little daughter, every day, Mother Giang rose up very early, carrying children on his back, walking, walking slot to school. Learning all primary schools, though still wanted to learn up, but his skinny shoulders and silver hair of his father and silver hairs decided to leave school. Every day, Jiang was around his bed, thinking of the later dreams could not be done, looking at the handicapped legs and weak hands, tears kept falling. Smalls in the embroidered brocade dresses of the family and the village relatives made the girl think more optimistic
Jiang thought he was more lucky than how many hands still moved. And then, Giang began with traditional dress embroidery of village. The weak hands, trembling, the first needles have made her hand blurred blood. Pain, but didn't give up, she had just embroidered, just massaging her hand. Fasting, her products are getting more and more, more delicate and special. "In previous years were healthy, less sick, there was a month of embroidering 2 Thai skirt legs, sold 700 - 800 thousand VND / unit. The money earned by me to help my parents look at the youngest child at that time I was going to school. Self-earning money with your own strength, I'm happy, "said Jiang shares." Planting to read books - spreading loves "It is also the mission for the past 17 years by Tran Thuy Nga (SN 1985, residing in the commune Nghia Dong, Tan Ky District, Nghe An). Sitting on a wheelchair next to a glass cabinet with more than 6 thousand books, hien words, a fresh smile, Russia shared us about dreams, ambitions and over all the passion for books. She said, now she doesn't lease books but mobilize people to read for free, who needs to borrow home. Very crowded students and people came to borrow books of reading every day. The handicapped girl from Tran Thuy Nga took himself as a charming person to read the books of Thi Giang and Tran Thuy Nga was two young people who were in the province Introduction of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union participating in the Gala Program "Showing Vietnamese Personnel in 2021". Eye as a dream, Russia said, throughout life will never forget the summer of 1998, when entering into Age 13, full body pain, limbs are increasingly difficult to move because of low-form multi-joint infections. After months of treatment, her doctor who asked her disease could not heal, must live with pain. And then, the fateful day came, her whole body was paralyzed, no longer able to walk with his legs; The wheelchair became a companion until now. In the chain of pain, that desperation, she went to books to make friends. Every time you enter each page, the girl temporarily forgot the pain. She begins to live in more energy when opening a grocery store and taking savings to build a bookcase in 2004 with a clear goal: renting of leisure books but will lend free titles Meaning. The autobiography "does not collapse" by Nguyen Bich Lan, Russia began to find himself a new, higher purpose. "Don't collapse" to help the young girl caught your own pictures, sometimes tears wet the book page. Russia admires the woman who has crossed the dark tunnel with self-study and found the end of the tunnel. That energy story inspires her to live positively. "In 2013, I decided to turn my bookcase into a completely free community library. Anyone can read good books without thinking about rent or purchase of books, "Russia said. Thousands of books, including life skills books, learning skills and developing themselves, literary works business

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