The Play Of ‘mother’s Boat’ Waves Vtv1

The 'Mother's Boaker' plays organized by the CAND Theater will officially went to Vietnam Television, VTV1 Channel on 20:00 on 11-7.0: 00/1: 54 South Vietnam in the play " Mother's boat ". POINT" Mother's boat "on national television waves is one of the outstanding, practical, rich and meaningful activities held on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Traditional Force An Ninh people (July 12, 1946 - 12-7-2021), celebrating 74 years of war invalids - Martyrs (July 27, 1947 - 27-7-2021), towards the 76th anniversary of the traditional day CAND (August 19, 1945 - 19-8-2021). "Mother's boat" focused on praising the intelligence security soldier and heroic Vietnamese mother. The theater revolves around a family with a revolutionary tradition with dedication, sacrifice for the Fatherland, since the anti-French, anti-American resistance until the five months of Binh

. - She is poor and female village (actor Thanh Mai player) with Quang (actor Vietnamese Tung) - Geographical son, fled the family, goes revolution. Because of the mission, Quang continues to sacrifice happiness Family, into the south, operating in the enemy, leaving a young wife and son of a baby poetry. Trust the common waterfowl, iron lipstick of the husband, quietly brushed, endure all lilies, reconciliation, trying to raise a large and mature child
Later, that child continued his father, dedicated and sacrificed for the career to fight the Fatherland ... "Mother's boat" by NSND Nguyen Thuy Hien - Director of CAND Theater instructing art, Le Hung's NSND was directed. Bui Vu Minh is the author of the script. With the determination, the high effort of the cadres, soldiers, artists of the CAND Theater, "Mother's boat" brings many beautiful emotions about the intelligence security soldiers, Vietnamese heroes. Broadcasting the play not only serves widely, a large number of audiences in the country but also the gratitude of artists attached to CAND forces, soldiers and artists of CAND Theater ... For the people's security forces, the heroes of martyrs, Vietnamese Mother Heroes in July this year

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