The Players Have Successful Business Business

Cristiano Ronaldo is in good-income stars from non-football investment activities.Rondo is the leader in the players about the business outside the pitch. Spanish media revealed in 2021, Juventus's superstar continues to invest in the hair implant industry. He was about to open the second hair transplant center in Marbella (Spain). This new mind will have an area of 4,000 m2, with 100 experts and 15 specialized implants

. Ronaldo's first hair transplant center opened in 2019 in Madrid. Ronaldo's georgina girlfriend is running this center. Also, Ronaldo also deals with clothes, perfumes, bedding with his brand or investing in the hotel
In May 2021, Forbes estimated the total assets of Portuguese superstars of over 500 million USD.Lukas Podolski was quite successful in selling kebab, typical barbecue dishes from the Middle East. Former striker Arsenal opened 6 Kebab stores in Germany. Also, the German national team striker also has several shops selling ice cream, drinking drinks or clothes. At the age of 36, Podolski still plays for Gornik Zabrze club in the Poland's Flandest League.Kaisuke Honda is one of the most successful Asian players with business activities outside the football field. Former Japanese player founding KSK Group, a multi-sector business group from sports, communication, real estate to information technology. Honda also owns an ESPORTS team. Honda's investments contribute capital to agricultural companies operating in Cambodia and India. In 2018, Career Find JP estimates that Honda's property fell about 38 million USD
At the age of 35, this midfielder still wants to prolong the career of the player and head of Cambodia, in parallel with the business. Daniel Agger loves tattoos, so former Liverpool midfielder decided to contribute capital with his brother To open a tattoo shop in Copenhagen (Denmark), agger has invested more than half a million dollars in Kloagger, a company specializing in wastewater management in Denmark.Mathieu Flamini is among the few players Shaking hands on implementing projects can create a great influence worldwide. In 2008, when playing Arsenal, Flamini and Pasquale Granata, another businessman founded GF Biochemicals. This is the world's first biochemical company producing levulinic acid - a material instead of oil and can be used for many different areas of life. In 2014, the US Department of Energy has been judged Levulinic acid that Flamini's company is producing is one of 12 biochemicals capable of creating the highest value in the future. By 2020, the former Milan midfielder company has a good development and attracts many investors. Flamini is often invited to be a speaker in the global economic forums.Simeone: 'Premier League remains or even without Messi, Ronaldo' Chief Atletico Madrid coach said Lionel Messi left Barca to greatly affect La Liga, but cannot decide the competitiveness of the tournament. Cucurbit: Reuters, AP

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