The Polar Pastor Of Tan Tru Actor Has A Mother-in-law: ‘less School Since 9th Grade, Must Go To Sell Lottery Tickets’

Tan Tru actor has attempts to hero-poetic childhood, to leave school soon to help families. Tan Tru (Phan Thanh Tan) was born in 1989, he had contributed to many movies like kaleidoscopic, Exotic green forest stories, flip face, rake village, etc. On August 13, actors proudly show off the moment the moment of biological mother is collecting garbage, making many people emotions. Tan Tru. I am over 60 years old, she lives with her son's family

. Currently, she still works with a work that has been attached to you for more than 35 years. Sureau of aura, Tan Tru actor has a poetic poetry, must leave school early and every sale of lottery for life. In an exchange program, Tan Ngan Tam Tam: "I would like to leave school myself
I told my mother: 'Mom, I don't study anymore, now I have a child to study anything, in my head I don't learn anything '. The reason is because my house doesn't have enough money to pay. There are 85 thousand but not for yourself to pay tuition. Growing up, the 8x actor understands the parents have to spread every dong to be able to worry about everyday life. This makes Tan TRUONG EVERY ELECTRONICS EVERY EVERY EXPERIENCE. RESPONSIBILITY AND BOOKING MOM.NAM PICK PICTURAL FILM Since 13, 14 years old, I have to go to make a living with a lottery sales. He said that he ran throughout the roads from Au Co to Lac Long Quan (Tan Binh District) to rao.tuoi poetry for life, not studying to the place but Tan tried to cinema very soon. At that time, he accidentally was active by his children in the children's culture to play the masses in a movie
"After living in the children's house about 2 months, director My Khanh went to earn New actor. Come now, I can't believe that fateful night, I don't think she calls me to go to film. She asked me to try a normal role, then someone called about the newspaper Then. After that, I was about to play for a 1-month movie, "Tan trout recalled the fateful moment. February 4/2021, Tan Trou actor launched the first product. . It is known that Tan Ngo is a student of the couple Thu Trang - Tien Law. In 2021, the actor caught his attention when debuting its first semester of the billiards in 2018, Tan Trua actor and Mrs. Xa Khanh Uyen commune to be dedicated to the male actor. , Tan Ngo has a life-sized life on the lady and the son's son. Remembering the polar past, he expressed: "Because of the small word, I have a suffering, I don't give it a suffering. I'm alive and my wife is too much. Eat a lot, try to worry for you. "

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