The Police On The Verification Of A Suspicious Girl ‘was’ Suffered From A Violent Doctor’

Police of Nghe An province said it was verifying the case that appeared a clip on social networks to record the scene of rape rape 1.00: 00/1: 43 Nadlands on November 25, on social networks spread A clip is said to record a girl with a managed, humiliated man. The clip shows the girl in a naked situation in bed, supposedly in a motel or hotel, and a man. Multiply in the clip is controlled by the man from behind ( Clip) However, there are no real information, but many people have shared the above video and the information of arresting a doctor working in Hospital in Nghe An has a girl's behavior "violence". On, the Police of Nghe An province in November 25, said there was no doctor to arrest the hospital in this province as what social network users shared

. Police of Nghe An province also said that it was in the examination and verification of information from many sides to soon have conclusions about the incident.

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