The Police Supported A 1-month-old Baby Thrown From The Balcony

A police officer in New Jersey (USA) supported a 1-month-old baby was thrown by a man from the second floor balcony of a building, according to officials. 1 month old baby, not identified identities And relatives, has not been injured, according to the city mayor Jersey Steven Fulop.In a post on Instagram Social Network, the Mayor Filop thanked the police officer Eduardo Matute, with this British photo with a child Hand. The incident occurred 18/09 in the city of Jersey, after having a message about a man who has not identified the identity that is lifting the newborn with the balcony of the second floor, a speech The city member said. The police made an effort to negotiate with this man and set up a safe area, according to the Fulop mayor, but he still threw the baby down

. Thankfully the police Eduardo Matute took the baby. The object was arrested right after throwing the baby from the balcony, according to local media. It is unclear if he will face any crimes

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