The Poor Village For The Whole Year To Work With Changing Life Thanks To The ‘youtuber’

Siswanto is a less lucky motormaker, until the videos on the Internet have turned him with his neighbors into the star and bringing his poor village to step up the spotlight with the name Youtube village of Indonesia.0: 00/2: 42 Southern Start-up story starting 4 years before Siswanto struggles to maintain its motorbike repair business in Kasegeran - a town Fitness in Java, Indonesia.Siswanto is a poverty repairer in a remote town in Java before being approached to the Internet (source: BNAGkokpost). He is missing money to cover life and desire Add income to raise your family more and more of your members, but auxiliary work and growing soybeans are not enough income to pay the invoices .Siswanto has finally tried to make short comedy videos after viewing a chapter The TV process about an influential person in Indonesia, who has earned a lot of money thanks to online videos

. "But the first videos don't see anyone, so I stopped," said the 38-year-old man, said that it was not a way to make his living until one day, he was struggling to fix the one Motorcycles are expensive by a customer and share online videos to ask people on the Internet to help. Using the old mobile phone, the worker starts to film this repair process. "I am trembling and saying nonsense things," he talked about his first videos - but after a few years, Siswanto has built more than two million audiences
YouTube registered. Siswanto helps him to make his family up to 150 million rupiah ($ 10,000) per month but also began to appear bad rumors about him. Everyone rumored that the mechanic was trafficking in black magic, and some parents had banned their children to came to his store for fear they were cursed by the Dark Art.Siswanto said: " So I held a meeting in the village's hall and explained that I had a business, it was named YouTube. Most of them have never heard of it. "He provided free lessons to prove his story and showed at least 30 others in Kasegeran built their own channels, some people There are hundreds of thousands of viewers. Among them have Tirwan, a 45-year-old fast food seller, who has earned 50,000 rupiahs (equivalent to 3.50 USD) a day with semi-riding dumplings named Cilok. Help Kasegeanan connect the Internet faster, helping children to participate in online classes after Indonesia closes schools to fight Corona Pandemic. "Kasegeran is the poorest village throughout the district, but now we have Can compete with other villages, "the head of the Saifuddin community told AFP
"It is also a source of inspiration for young people. They don't use their phones to useless things. They can make money from them. "The Huy Nguyen / Dan Viet

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