The Posture Of Him Helps Sublimation, Casting Each Centimeter

Applying these love poses, the couple will go together 'to the top'. Especially, each posture will affect each group of muscles. As a result, both of the moment of sublimation, both can cast a beautiful standard shape every centimeter. The researchers said that the steady sex has a good effect on health and suppleness. Not only that, sex also helps reduce stress, reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

. The "rain clouds" help significantly improve the circulation of the blood, providing more oxygen body. The meaning of the couple shows affection, sex is still considered to burn Best calories. Estimates, maintaining the "rain cloud" for 60 minutes can help burn to 500 calories
Special thing, choosing the appropriate relationship posture not only helps the couple put each other "to the top" that can impact Go to your own muscle group. In this way, the couple can take advantage of a couple of work, take advantage of "casting" beautiful standard every centimeter. Doggy. This is a male posture that will bring "the boy" to penetrate the "little girl" from behind. Sisters will kneel, fight two hands forward and expand their feet so partners can enter from behind. The outstanding advantage of the doggy posture is the "little girl" hugging "boy", helping men penetrate the deepest, extremely stimulating. Edge helps couples easy to reach orgasm, posture doggy relations. dynamic to the entire core group, especially improving foot and hip muscles. With sisters, doggy posture also helps strengthen arms. The missionary posture helps "boy" easily to enter so it will be extremely stimulated
Many people mistakenly believe, missionary postures only make men lose their strength. In fact, this love makes both of them can focus on the buttocks and core muscle groups. Standing. Ideally when making a standing posture is women based on walls, men use their hands to lift their girlfriend's body. Standing posture helps "little girl" tends to close, thus bringing a feeling of hugging more tightly. Not only brings a true feeling for both, standing postures also affect the hip muscles and groups Men's core muscles. Man cowhide girl (Cowgirl). Cowgirl posture helps women master the maximum of love, so it supports very good for women who are hard to sublimate. Cowgirl also affects the lower abdominal muscles, pelvic and calves. This is considered a great exercise to build endurance and woman's leg muscles. In this posture, sisters lie on their back so that one legs put up and hold one leg under the bed. Men support the game by holding a leg and penetrating deep inside. Only with simple movements, muscles and core areas are mobilized to the maximum. This posture asks women to hold their hands and feet, the woman's body must parallel to the bed. Healthy bridge posture for hand muscles, head muscles, abdominal muscles and buttocks. Arch (Arch). In a dome position, the girl stands against the wall or table and bending itself in the dome. Partners will penetrate from behind, so women fast have more orgasm. Applying arches, women also have the opportunity to practice for core muscles, legs, buttocks, very good abdomen. Cat's cat. This is considered a variation of missionary posture. Applying cat posture, sisters will bend their feet a 45 degree angle. Instead of contacting chest - chest, now men's breasts will touch their partner, allowing "boy" to push deep, penetrate better. The cat posture is very good to practice male core muscles and arms. Photo: IT readers watching videos: Crime of child sexual abuse increased. Source: Thdt Tam (according to indiatimes)

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