The Power Of Connection, Solidarity In The Fight Against Terrorism

Activities to celebrate the International Day Memorial of the victims of terrorism (August 21) were held to emphasize the necessity of connection, unity and continue to be warn in front of the termite Threatening terrorism increasingly changed. On August 20, the survivors of terrorism and United Nations officials together held a high-level event marking the International Day of the Memorial of the victims of terrorism. The event includes important speeches, discussion and launches the movie "Survive terrorism: The power of connection". Macdown at this high-level event, United Nations Secretary-General António Guuterres said that this event was organized to remember and honor individuals, families, communities and society that was hurt by terrorist actions. This year's event was held with the theme focused on "connections" and their importance to victims of terrorism, especially in the current pandemic context

. Threat to all people around the globe (Artwork: UNHCR). 9/2021 is round 20 years since the terrorist attack in New York and Washington DC (US) robbed lives Of nearly 3,000 people, about 6,000 people were injured. The attack has faced the horrors and indignation of the whole world
According to the Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres, since then, the terrorism has made new and previous forms unimaginable. Strong theme of the International Day Memorial of the victims of the victims This year's terrorist, the United Nations head stressed: Connection is an important factor for victims of terrorism, helping them feel heard and understanding. The message he wants to send to all the victims and persecutors is: "You are not alone". Besides, the Secretary-General also referred to the general responsibility of the global community in preventing terrorist attacks in the future; At the same time, it is necessary to have a comprehensive support plan to resolve the needs of terrorist victims and their families. Previous days of activities to celebrate the International Day of Memorials Terrorism, the United Nations Security Council on August 19 held a meeting on the threat of terrorist groups for international peace and security. Members of the Security Council also expressed concerns about some of the most recent developments in Afghanistan, emphasizing the need for overall measures to avoid terrorism using this area as "safe hideholder" . On August 19, the Security Councils agreed to offer a press statement on the contents of the exchange at the meeting, which reaffirmed the determination of the international community in eliminating terrorism . The press statement also stressed the need to strengthen international cooperation in a comprehensive terrorist to maintain peace, stability and development. War against terrorism and extremism Is the long and complex war of the whole world. In the past 20 years, the risk of global terrorism continues to grow, international terrorist groups are constantly looking for new ways of operation, promoting the use of cyberspace and information technology
Pham Xuyen Nation. This requires solidarity, hand and importance of international cooperation in the global terrorist prevention efforts ./. On December 19, 2017, at the request of the Human Rights Council The United Nations, the United Nations General Assembly approved the Resolution to annually annually annually, the International Day commemorates the victims of terrorism. Through this resolution, the United Nations General Assembly also reaffirmed its commitment to strengthen international cooperation in the prevention and fight against terrorism in any form, while emphasizing all terrorist actions, No exceptions, are criminals and absurd, regardless of motivation, location, time or culprit causing terrorist actions.

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