The Price I Understand

Creating out from the trial, they didn't tell each other, the mood everyone was heavy. Why do things come to this level? Did you loves each other? 0: 00/3: 37 Southern Southwife with a heartless person, but it is also responsible for the family. But I am romantic, I like to be more interested, like you to help you work, sharing the care of your children. Just grave up. Arranging with constantly, thinking again, it is also a lot of things

. It becomes irritable, a little bit of a little bit of a cup. She poured annoyance to the heads whenever he was late, then the jute was grinding, the lead, the shadow kept flowing out. Unpleasantness
Going to work was tired, home was even tired. It knew he was very bored every time he came home to see her heavy face like a lead. I don't want to like that. She also wanted to be happy, the face was always radiant without. It was the third time he forgot the anniversary of the two people she didn't want to remind him. Reminds it to do anything, feelings must be something natural, if you have anything in your heart, what do you do? You become quieter, you are less talking. Communication between them now is only children. You started thinking about a pink shadow in the bodies filled with vitality, always positive and fun, she started old quickly ..
he did not adultery, because You still love you, because of the meaning between them is not a day of the second day, but why does this marriage suffix so stifling? She thought about divorce more often. Human life is only once, maybe buried his spring age with a uneven man who came out from the trial, they didn't tell each other, the mood everyone was heavy. She returned home, now this house is no longer brother's house but just her home and the children. Inside the room, closing the room and crying. She kept crying like that until dark. Then she received a message. His. I hurriedly opened it: "I opened the third drawer at the desk to leave!" The angle of work but several years I ran here. In it is 3 gift boxes with 3 different postcards, are all on the anniversary that you thought that you forgot. The eyes of her eyes don't stop falling when I read the letter he wrote to her under 3 gift boxes: " Wife, I know I was very hard to step back behind him, taking care of her small family. He remembered the early years he was married he was very happy. Until now he still loves me. But sometimes he wondered, that love is for the old brother of the old days, or are you now? I am often blamed because you become ugly old , only what I don't know do you love your old age, as long as I'm always radiant smiling. Why can't I open my heart together, why didn't you tell me what I like Or don't like it? Why can't we feel frank with each other and throw all the harsh words? He agreed to divorce because he wanted to give us a silence to look at everything, still in his lap, real Whenever I always want to build everything ... "This breakdown is the most clear example for both sides that do not understand each other, do not sympathize with each other, gradually pushing each other far until it cannot be saved . In this story, the man is more or less wanting to heal because still loving his wife, there are many other broken marriages causing from not understanding the opponent.When we understand you life, Reading their taste, everything suddenly becomes very easy, happy with just one with hand. However, due to the conservative, sometimes we do not open my heart to receive the knowledge, to raise the price Treating yourself, we kept hardening in changing my man and decided not to understand them. The 3rd third person has a chance to interfere with .... Giang Dinh

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