The Price Of Domestic Gold Decreases Even Though The World Increases, The Usd Is Free To Hold Up

World gold prices rose slightly, but the domestic gold price this morning (July 13) decreased in many places. USD price increases on both free market and banking ... 0:00 / 3: 27 nuoc nuan illustration - Photo: Bloomberg

.Luc nearly 10h, Doji Group listed SJC gold price for Hanoi market 56.75 million dong / tael (buying) and 57.25 million dong / tael (sold)
Compared to the morning, the price of SJC gold pieces at this enterprise is currently unchanged in the purchase direction but decreases 30,000 dong / tael in the sale. In Ho Chi Minh City, SJC Company quotes gold bars with brands 56.6 million dong / tael and 57.35 million dong / tael, decreased by 100,000 dong / tael at both ends price.So with the world gold price converted, the price of gold SJC retail is currently higher from 6, 75-6.85 Million VND / tael, from the difference between VND 7-7.2 million / tael in the morning. This is the first time the gold price difference with the world drops below 7 million / tael after a while holding above this level. Price of other 999.9 gold products increased to 50,000-100,000 VND / tael
Phu Quy of Phu Quy Group is priced at VND 51.35 million / tael and 52.05 million dong / tael, an increase of VND 50,000 / tael at both ends. Lead of Rong Thang Long of Bao Tin Minh Chau Company increased 90,000 copper / tael at both ends compared to yesterday, to VND 41.59 million / tael and 52.18 million dong / tael. Nearly 10 hours of lunch by Vietnam time, spot gold price in Asia market stand At 1,813.2 USD / oz, an increase of 5.6 USD / oz compared to closing last night in New York. This price is equivalent to VND 50.5 million / tael if converted at USD selling price at Vietcombank and does not include related costs. In the US session last night, gold prices fell 1.4 USD / oz, Fasteners at 1,807.5 USD / oz. World gold price variable for the past 1 year. Unit: USD / OZ - Source: Trading View. Gold price is struggling in a narrow area due to no significant effect factor. The dollar this morning slight discounted, with the Dollar Index lowered below 92.15 points, from the ranging place in about 92,2-92.4 points on the session 12 / 7. Investment investment is waiting for the index report The US consumer price (CPI) is expected to announce on Tuesday and the monetary policy hearing of the Federal Reserve (Fed) Jerome Powell before the National Assembly on Wednesday and Thursday. "Price Gold struggles to find a rising impulse and is stuck around $ 1,800, "Independent analyst Ross Norman told Reuters. Margaret Yang strategist of DailyFX said the trend of gold prices in the short term It seems to increase, but will not increase much. The resistance in front of the gold price is 1,815 USD / oz, while the support level is about 1,790 USD / oz. The gold price is supported by the need to prevent risks when the number of new cases of Covid-19 continues Rising in many countries due to Delta's transformation. However, the recent uptrend of the dollar is detrimental to gold. For its part, the dollar raises prices because the US economy better recovers some other economies, including Europe and Japan. The free USD price in Hanoi is now popular at VND 23,280 (buying) and 23,330 VND (sold). Compared to the morning, the free USD price increased by 10 dong in the afternoon of buying and increased by 20 dong in the selling direction. In Vietcombank, the listed USD price increased by 20 dong, to VND 22,920 and 23,120 VND.

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