The Price Of Gold Suddenly Decreased Deeply Only 49.7 Million

The inflation of inflation of investors has made the price of gold with little negative in the short term 9: 00/1: 25 nam of this region (8-9), the gold price suddenly lost nearly 27 USD / ounce, equivalent 770 thousand dong / tael and officially lost $ 1,800 are set up in the past month. Gold price has a period of only 1,794 USD / ounce, equivalent to 49.7 million dong / tael. According to experts, gold lost momentum due to stronger dollars and high bond yields. Edward Moya, Oanda analyst, said gold prices decreased when the treasury bond yield increased higher with expectations Allow the US Federal Reserve (FED) to continue maintaining higher inflation in the short term

. The inflation of the inflation of investors has made the gold price a little negative in the short term. James Knightley, the chief economist of Ing reviews, the sudden decline of gold is now easy to lead to the sale of gold investment. Once gold continues to push to 1,755 USD, the possibility of gold will aim at the target price of 1,700 USD
Saxo Bank Ole Hansen analysis is also affected by two factors. It was beginning to worry when gold failed to overcome the important resistance around USD 1,835. Investors are also looking at the meeting of the European Central Bank on this Thursday. High possibility of the meeting will argue about implementing stronger stimulus measures when the Euro region's economy is vibrant again.

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