The Price Of Time Returning To His Wife Will Bend The Tongue Before Speaking So That The Husband Doesn’t Hurt Before Leaving

Many people have memories, uncomfortable but don't say it right away to clearly relieve, choose how to fit into the stomach and show 'silence is gold', unexpectedly finished the dose of 'poison' and when they understand have become painful , Foreign regret in the middle of the year: 00/0: 00 southern southern events taught: "Words don't lose money to buy, choose words and speak for each other", everyone knows it but practicing again. .. It's hard, especially in the family who have made words that have been eliminated, regret forever. Ngoc Ha (Hai Phong) shared: her mother died for more than 20 years, Dad married

. Every year, the mother's death anniversary, his father often invited his wife (afford and sisters) to eat an action. 10 years ago, she didn't attend the death anniversary. My father died
Come to the death anniversary of her family to make rice to invite them to eat foreigners. While people chat warmly, Ms. Ngoc Ha asked permission to ask the head to know the source of the source for many years now they did not exchanged with her home. The chief of them was rich, the most weighted voice they had to say: "Over 10 years ago, the uncle was in the countryside to eat his father to see his father and he turned the music jubilantly dancing. The dead were painful, sorry Loving ... ". Ms. Ngoc Ha and the young brothers and sisters in them are dumbfounded because of the" silent "reason, not exchanging of their heads for over the past few years
She tied her eyes to explain that he and they farted their father's father too. My father Ngoc Ha every time a funeral is to turn on the radio speaker, singing all night, to the time of death, there is the last sailing dance in the middle of the road. But she and their whole family stabbed the anger that he didn't tell his father, there was no chance to explain the target of anger in the past tens of years. The husband was silent. Artwork.Then Nguyen Thi Hoa (Hanoi) also confided, her husband is the army, during his time in the army of one hand, I have all the house, the couple's income is only average. He moved his sector and would like to work in a new company to see a health examination, the doctor found him with hepatitis B, advising to abstain from alcohol, beer, avoiding heavy work. But he could have a good force so he was still kicking with his brothers, living without moderation. One time he walked in the ball to see the rice rice with every soup, asking, Hoa Hoa replied that the house was running out of money. Then Ms. Hoa Càm Đạc than the price he dropped 1 cup of beer, the children had a piece of meat. He silently eat a little bit and went lying. I finished cleaning up, I saw her husband crying, saying "I don't expect myself to eat all the children. Invite to drink it will be very harmful to health, so I'm annoyed, but I don't mean anything. Since then, her husband or her husband removed the fish for his wife and children to eat, saying that he liked to gnaw the buddy ... she had to pretend to eat, or take the excuse of his hand without cleaning him to feed him. Easter. One of her husband was tired, loved, losing his weight ... I took him to see if he was able to see it, and his husband's doctor had suffered a final stage liver cancer. Before her husband "left" to hold his wife's hand, tears to say, "Everyone wants to be eaten delicious, wearing beautiful. Did you give my wife lean, delicious pieces scold you"? I heard her husband said Tears, said she only needed him to eat delicious pieces, but the words popping their mouths when he did not think unintentionally hurt her husband, sorry sorry and desire to worry like time back, she will Bending the tongue before saying it won't hurt her husband ... but he said he understood, and smiled peacefully out. According to the time of returning, she would bend the tongue before saying it to not make him Harness. The story above shows the silence in the family is not "gold" as everyone said, but "poison dose". The price like her husband, don't quietly swallow anger in, but chat with his wife soon after all was released, so that he didn't have to embrace the hatred in such a long time. And the price like the reporter they in the story above, but used "on the" role in "Ms. Ngoc Ha's house, the pressures were cleared, no longer left a bit after tens of years. In the concerns Family system Every time it is unfriendly, many people with "staggered" people in the abdomen, or to go away ... not to say right away with "owner" to relieve - especially wives, always Express is "okay" and never sharing the pain by "bad guys", or afraid to be a heartbreaking relative. Small damage but increasingly deep ulcers ... until she speaks, the heart seems to crumble. So want a happy family with the relationship people need attention: 1. Everyone - especially the couple who always cultivate relationships: should regularly connect together, chat and care, what's the way to solve together - because the most important thing to cultivate the concern The system is a sincerity and true mindfulness. Increase and forgiveness: Everyone has a shortcoming, missing mistake. Please be able to use and forgive each other, don't repeat the old story, don't talk about their "crime". With your husband and wife, if anything happens, even the exterior is also the scene of the province

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