The Prime Minister Directs To Strengthen Inspection And Supervision Of Corporate Bond Issuance

3/12 date, the Government Office has issued power of 8857 / CD-OG on strengthening the management, inspection, checking the issuance of corporate bonds to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of management and supervision of the bond market, ensuring healthy growth markets, transparency, an electric toan.Cong stated corporate bond market is the channel for capital mobilization important medium and long term of the business accordance with the policy of the Government on the development of a balance between the capital market and the money market, credit, ... the last time, the issuance of corporate bonds, especially the issuance of corporate bonds have no financial collateral of some businesses, the issuer signs of rapid growth and hot, potentially causing economic consequences for Pham Minh Chinh te

.Thu Minister asked the Ministry of Finance to urgently implement the inspection, inspection and monitoring compliance with the law on issuance and use of the proceeds from the issue of bonds, most bond issuance Rie ng retail businesses in real estate, the credit institutions related to corporate real estate, businesses issuance volume large, high interest rates, businesses have business results in losses, enterprises issued without security assets ..
report the results to the Prime Minister before 15-12.Thu Minister also asked the Finance Ministry to urgently review the legal provisions relating to the corporate bond market Industry and issuing corporate bonds to timely amendments and supplements to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the management and supervision of the market of corporate bonds, guaranteed market healthy development, transparency, security toan.Song same time, the Prime Minister requested the State Bank preside and coordinate the relevant agencies to strengthen inspection work, check the situation and investment in corporate bonds of financial institutions use, timely detection and warning of the risks and take measures prescribed treatment, ensuring safe system of credit institutions c g.Dong same time, the Ministry of Public Security to coordinate with the Ministry of Finance, the State Bank and relevant agencies to grasp the situation, receiving information, incident signs law violations (if any) according to strict handling regulations luat.Thuc request of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, to ensure that the corporate bond market to become an important channel for capital mobilization, efficiency and minimize risks for investors, also in 3-12 days, the Ministry of Finance had written to send units to urgently implement some specific work the.Doi with the State Securities Commission, the Ministry of Finance request stepping up inspection, test, urgently dealt with severely and the Ministry of Finance report test results to handle. At the same time, conduct serious sanction, widely publicized in the mass media about violations of individuals and businesses. Cases identified signs of fraud, misappropriating assets of investors, to urgently transfer the file to the investigating authorities for handling under provisions luat.Ben addition, continue to coordinate with other agencies you and the relevant agencies to inspect and strictly control the issuance of bonds issued by enterprises with large-scale compared to equity capital, issued without collateral and released many dot.Day Quick promulgating guiding circular transactions individual corporate bonds among investors securities professional responsibilities assigned under Decree No
153/2020 / ND-CP. At the same time, directing Stock Exchanges Vietnam, Hanoi Stock Exchange deployment complete technical infrastructure for operating the system of secondary trading of corporate bonds assigned separately le.Bo Finance Finance and banking Department and relevant agencies focused tasks in coordination with the state securities Commission and other relevant units to improve the law on the issuance of corporate bonds. Implement Document No. 10059 / BTC-VP dated 01/9/2021, the provisions on strengthening the management and supervision, improve the quality of information disclosure for investors, how to manage investors professional securities market for healthy development. And accelerate the inspection, testing, treatment recommendations serious breach of corporate bond issuance nghiep.Bo German Finance Minister Hu also asked Formalin propaganda deployed on law and warned market risk on corporate bonds to investors, corporate issuers and market participants. Need to actively cooperate with the investigating authorities struggle to handle violations of corporate bond issuance under the provisions luat.Huyen My

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