The Prime Minister To Fire Electricity Speeds To Direct The Provinces To Welcome The People To His Hometown

Emphasizing the needs of the people of the people are legitimate, the Prime Minister directs the localities to coordinate to bring, pick up the people fast, not to stabilize at the gateway control points (00/2: 50 namyot This bridge is mentioned in the Prime Minister's Farming Public Expector to the provinces and cities in terms of taking a shuttle to the countryside, issued on 7 / 10. According to the head of the Government, after a long time of implementation Stretching social ways according to Ms. Thi 16, a part of people in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong ..

. There is a need to move to the countryside. "This is the legitimate needs of people, however, if not well organized Putting and welcoming people to spontaneously go to the countryside, it will lead to the risk of disease spread to many localities in the country ", the prime minister's electricity states that the prime minister evaluates in the past days, though The provinces and cities have tried to organize a safe shuttle, due to the number of people who need to go home at the same time, the coordination between localities is not active and rhythmically, it has caused ignoring Stasis at check points T translate, causing many people, including the elderly, children are very hard. People from Binh Duong return to the countryside in the northern provinces
Photo: Viet Linh. Special, there are some people who are arbitrarily leaving their residence. Do the hometown stay very far away, so along the way they have many risks for their health and can spread the disease. To continue implementing epidemic control solutions, while ensuring people have people needed bridges, is to be put, pick up to the countryside safely, thoughtfully, the prime minister asked the provinces and cities to coordinate, pick up faster people, smoothly, not to stasis at door control points Lane. In places where the epidemic situation has not been fully controlled but has stopped implementing Ms. Thi 16, the Prime Minister asked to continue to actively mobilize, persuade people to stay in resting with security support and Implementing the restoration of safe production and business. With those who still want to go home to actively make a list of notifications to the locality where to arrive and take them. And with the people who have reached the gateway controls of the province, the spectrum to return to the countryside must immediately take the subgroup, to take measures to ensure epidemiological safety, contact the province or city where to arrive and organizing people bringing people. The prime minister also requires layout of safe transportation for those without means or elderly, pregnant women and children in need. Provinces and cities along the way are responsible for coordinating to ensure smooth traffic and support if necessary
Province, city where the destination is responsible for welcoming and receiving and carrying out measures to ensure the safety of the translation prevention in accordance with the regulations. According to the leaders of the head of the Government, with the province or city if there is a person The people spontaneous from the area with the translation of the countryside is passing the locality, they need to actively support necessary, notify the province or city where to arrive and organize the people to move safely to spread the disease. At the same time, arrange a convenient transportation vehicle if people do not have suitable means. Health Ministry is assigned to immediately associate the vaccine after receiving and prioritizing earlier for provinces with many people from the epidemic area ; support means and biological examinations; Supporting drugs to localities have people to return to timely testing, ready to treat when there are new Covid-19 infections.

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