The Prospect Of Cooperation From The First Russian-asean Naval Exercise

The Russian-ASEAN Navy exercise shows that the intention of promoting Moscow's cooperation with the region, but does not notice the major change in Russia's geopolitical strategy. The Indonesian troops on 4-12 said Russia and Russia The Association of Southeast Asia (ASEAN) has just completed the first naval exercise between the two sides, Reuters reported. The three-day Arnex-21 general exercise took place off Sumatra's Island Indonesia, in order to enhance the ability to coordinate actions between ASEAN and Russian Navy Members in this strategic maritime area.Na-ASEAN for the first time practicing the naval naval statement of the Indonesian naval spokesman Julius Widjodjono, the theme of this year's exercise is "General Action to ensure safety for marine and civilian economic activities. Fairy

. Photo: AFP "This exercise has a strategic impact, because the exercise is organized to cultivate friendship between ASEAN and Russia" - Mr. Julius Widjodjono, First Admiral and a speech The Indonesian Navy, said. "The general rehearsal ARNEX in 2021 aims to maintain a friendly relationship between Indonesia, ASEAN and Russia and to improve the professionalism of the naval army of the country gia "- Mr
Julius said. According to Mr. Julius, the exercise" focuses on maritime security cooperation, tactical cooperation between the elements of war ships on the water and aircraft ".nga battle The Admiral Panteleyev - One of the Udaloy-class destroyers was staffed for the country's Pacific Fleet - and a KA-27 helicopter participated in the exercise. Both have anti-submarine capabilities. According to Reuters, this exercise consists of two stages, with the participation of eight warships and four aircraft from Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Aleksei Bolotnikov - Commander of Russian Admiral Panteleyev - Hope the next exercise between ASEAN and Russia can take place in Vladivostok city in Russia's Far East. Before, Russia and ASEAN in October Has held the 4th ASEAN - Russian Summit, on the 30th anniversary of the establishment of ASEAN - Russia. This shows that the intention of promoting Moscow's cooperation with this area, but does not notify a major change in Russia's geopolitical strategy. Situal cooperation from the first Russian-ASEAN naval exercise
Photo: The Russian delegation in ASEAN "Military rehabilitation is a way for countries to show friendship, development and improvement of interoperability" - Mrs. Olga Oliker, European and Central Asian Program Director At the International Crisis Group, it comes. "However, I didn't think this move [Russia] was a big strategic transition" - she added. "It reflects the interest and participating in cooperation Russia for this area, but that is not really new: Russia has emphasized towards Asia in its foreign policy and has also developed relations with a number of Southeast Asian countries. " - Mrs. Oliker watched.Benarnews quoted Mr. Artyom Lukin - Associate Professor of Political Science at the Far East University of Russia in Vladivostok - said: "By holding the first naval exercise with ASEAN, Russia Show that they have some aspects in the game when it comes to Southeast Asia's geography. Place closing the head of the Pacific Fleet ". According to Luckin, the above movement also came in the context of competition between the US and China in the Indian Ocean - Pacific region, ASEAN countries were interested in the current The interface of a third power is stable. "ASEAN countries are interested in attracting Russian participation because ASEAN has long encouraged external powers to become stakeholders in the area's security Area "- Mr. Lukin acknowledged." A such strategy allows ASEAN to multilage Southeast Asia's geopolitical issues and protects them before potential threats from countries that can become a promoter Master "- Mr. Lukin added. In Mason Clark - the leading analyst on Russia at the War Research Institute - said:" Arnex seems to focus more on maritime security than the maritime Russia's naval military exercise was conducted with India, Pakistan and China this year ". - Speaking simply: "I think while we (Russia) organized a lot of exercises with China, we should also have similar activities with other Asian countries to have a concession More balanced system in the area. So it will be reasonable ".

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