The Reason For The Wife To Divorce

Taking each other without love, plus a job, since giving birth, I went home, so the two spouses were almost unmayed to meet with 9:00 to 3: 34 namespaces illustrate Thanh Tam! Year 30 Age, because his family urged all day, so I met and accepted to marry Germany after only 2 months of dating. Taking each other and I knew, unlike the look, the mouth of the tongue turned, Germany was a lazy youth, refusing to practice or do housework. The most liked thing every day is "hug" the phone after hours of doing or eating drinking onto the new night. There is no love, plus a job, from birth, I go home, I'm home Almost never met. The two houses apart from a dozen kilometers but for more than 3 years - From the day I was born - I was tired, struggling to take care of my son were alone and relying on my parents

. I visited my grandparents, almost no married husband because of Germany ..
going out without a house. Also Germany, the number of times visited his wife and children to count on his fingers. Even if the sick child had to go to the hospital, I called, he was only "reversed" to bring less money, stroked his hair a few routers and rushed away immediately. My marriage like "Moon - The sun "but I still maintained because I think my child needs father. However, I started thinking about divorce when my mother was hospitalized because of the problem. Many times don't ask anyone, I have to carry the children according to the Mother's Cham's Institute. After surgery, my mother must periodically radiotherapy every month. I gave me a kindergarten to have time to go to the hospital with my mother. Every time he looked at his mother vomiting the green bile, he loved because he was tired, I love my mother. Honestly, at the same time, I often want Germany to appear
Even though I'm my husband, if I have a sharing person, it will be much more relieved. But my mother's mother is hospitalized, Germany has 2 times, every time only sitting for a moment, the less money Then leave. After that, he didn't come, nor did he call or text the inquiry. I thought, waiting for my mother to be healthy, I will definitely divorce to start a new life. So the intention has not yet been implemented, I recently reported that my parents reported that Germany was in danger. At the news, I also thought a lot, my spouse but in the last few years we were no different from separation, just waiting for the divorce day. I can "ignore", don't care about him, nobody who blames anyone because everyone knows he treats his wife and children, his family doesn't leave. But about Ly, I'm still a German wife , now he lie in a place, if I don't take care of him? So I sent my child to a sick-eyed parents who looked to help her husband stay in the hospital. I also thought, even though he was healthy, I would still determine divorce. I can't continue my husband life but like no more heartless husbands. But I also thought about the situation, he couldn't be healthy again, if he kept lying in such a place where I still mentioned farewell, is it too cruel? Especially with his parents, my grandparents' grandparents, they don't have a bug in my husband and I am not happy. I give me a advice! Nguyen Thi Hoai (Thanh Hoa) Ms. Hoai Danh! Please Consider your family's circumstances. Have your mother enough to look at me? This time she needed to rest rest to restraint after the anatomy and fatigue radiotherapy. Her mother, I need you ... also towards your husband, as you said for years of men who live as if separation, no love. The family is to share, loves, not as the inn that husband can behave unevenly, irresponsibly with his wife and children. When it is difficult and hard to take care of, not to leave as if the way her husband has done. If she arranges her husband care, it's good at that day, and just talk straight to her husband's house Let them arrange their husbands. They certainly understand and sympathize with their current situation. Wish you strong enough to take care of old parents and small children! Thanh Tam

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