The Reason Khanh Van ‘eyes’ Severe Weight Loss, White Face Lack Of Vitality, 3 Times Fainting

The recent images of actress Khanh Van makes fans extremely worried. New here, on personal Story, Khanh Van shares the clip with a series of images causing a stir. Through photos, actresses with tired, pale skin, pale face white lack of vitality. Notably, the body is skinny and severe weight loss of Khanh Van. Khanh Van Description: "At that moment, I wanted to wear white clothes, white hair with white face, probably more overdover than me" Khanh Van said she has a low blood pressure history plus a few days Now fallen sleep and only eat vegetables, so we have a serious disease

. She shared the reason for fell to sickness: "At the promise of yourself, I will be vegetarian to the end of the epidemic, since before the 16-day directive. Every day, it will eat vegetables with 3-4 hours. I think so
"The actor was dizzy, tired of fainting, but thanks to the help, taking care of his sister's dedicated doctor, she quickly regained her health and regained consciousness. The actress recounted a humorous way: "All the soul. But now it's alert. Oh, it's a. Number I am sewing, 3 times in the house. 2 times in with my brother, also do The doctor is a veterinarian. But at home I'm not different from cats of cats, it is very good, it is also possible, Sài ". Khanh Van also purses your brother as a mother, dedicated to taking care of her when she fell ill . The way of talking can see the actress and the brother of veterinarians are quite close, like their peers. When the boy cooked, the beauty described: "The mother of alolating rushed to the armpit to buy drugs with buy beef on compensation, arrested me
Very optimistic: "I still have a clip to go back to see my face later. I don't panic with a piece of a piece. At the same time, the actress also hopes the audience to stay healthy during the season.Rosa: FBNV

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