The Reason Should Not Be Tried In The Gym Room

The term 'Training to Failure' is quite familiar with the people. This is the type of recognition of many opposes. "Training to Failure" literally "practice until failed". According to Vice, the word "failed" here not only the last threshold you think I can do it. Its true meaning is an exercise when it is impossible to make a rep

. Photo: T-nation. "Rep" and "Set" are two basic terms in the GYM. For example, if you practice pushing your chest with 3 sets, 10 reps
This exercise will do the following: You lie down to the chair, lift your dumbbells to 10 times then stood up to breathe. After that, you continue to repeat twice like that to complete enough 3 sets. Photo: Istock. Reality, Hafthor Björnsson - Every named "the world's strong man" - affirming "practice until failure" is wrong. Björnsson said the search for the "failure" threshold should only take place in competitions. For those in the gym, this will be the method to knock down their confidence. Photo: GT. "When trying to fail to fail, you start thinking I can't lift that level. If you never fail during the training session, confidence will be up. This is also useful for The athletes because they will be confident to raise anything
Episode until failure also has good points but not what to do every day, "he said. Photo: gt. Experts also affirmed that the practice until failure is not as good as many people still think. In 2006, Mikel Izquierdo conducted research to compare practices until failed and practiced normally. Photo: MensXP. Select 42 men and divided into two groups with the same exercises. The first group will follow the type of "practice until failed". The two group will avoid the "failed" threshold by reducing the number of exercises and twice the number of unions. That is, instead of episode 3 sets, 10 reps, they will practice 6 sets, 5 reps. As a result, after nearly 3 months, the level of increasing the power of both groups is almost the same. Photo: T-nation.Theo Vice, scientists from Sydney University (Australia) found that the impact on the strength of both methods brought about almost identical effects. The practitioners do not come to the "failed" threshold faster. Photo: Strengthlog.Theo Insider, the "practice until failure" also has a certain effect, helping to stimulate, improve muscle strength and size. Due to a large stress, the muscles must adapt and recover strongly. However, you cannot practice this type regularly because the body needs to be restored. Photo: ELCIES.JESSICA MAZZUCCO - Personal trainer in New York, USA - Sharing: "Should only practice this type once / week. It will create small tears in muscle, stimulating muscle growth When recovering. However, you don't need to do so continuously to increase muscle. Episode with a moderate intensity also works like that. " Photo: 30seconds.

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