The Reason That Sedona Is The Top Choice Of Thuy Tien And Mr Dam?

Dam Vinh Hung and Thuy Tien singer and her husband are Cong Vinh, often using Kia Sedona MPV. Most recently, this car is also used to accommodate containers of more than 18,000 statlable page <: 00/2: 54 nam 0000: 00/04: 47 Nuchar days, the network community as well as domestic communication There was a chance to stir when Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh came to the bank to complete the procedures to demonstrate the charity amount of the sponsorship to the only one of Thuy Tien accounts in the Central Flood The 2020 is over 177 billion dong.Kia Sedona of Thuy Tien used very or used by artists in showbiz to serve the job. Total 8 Paper containers for 18,107 pages A4 shows the money Of Manh Military has been handed over to Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh on MPV Kia Sedona, right after leaving the bank, this couple quickly Live Stream for the network community to watch but only 15 minutes After that, they were forced to leave because it ensured the compliance request for social ways to follow the inner 16. It was known to contain more than 18,000 pages

. Statement, Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh used the other car sedona with a spacious luggage compartment. This is also a close companion of the former Vietnamese player instead of the Audi brand cars. It is known to contain more than 18,000 stats, Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh pages
The other car sedona has a spacious luggage compartment. The same network is also "looked into" the Kia Sedona model of Thuy Tien used or used by artists in the showbiz, trying to go to the artist Talent or male singer Dam Vinh Hung ... Among these, only singers claim their own "banned land" to use the other car sedona. It is known that Kia Sedona of Dam Vinh Hung and Thuy Fairies are quite tiedenj using and comfortable when moving. An interesting point is the Sedona car of Cong Vinh and Mr. Talks are painted white.Nam singer claims the title "Prohibited land" also owns Kia Sedona. Currently, the domestic car players are waiting for a 2022 version with an estimated price of 1
1 billion 1.6 billion dong. Meanwhile, the old generation of Kia Sedona costs from 1 billion to 1.51 billion dong in the country. The cause of the "brand" of Kia Sedona made Thuy Tien and Dam Vinh Hung or Vietnamese stars used as furniture Impressed with leather-wrapped steering wheel and wooden tiles, high-quality beige leather jacket with 2 stylish sunshine. The car has a wheelbase 3.060 mm so the interior space is spacious and comfortable for people sitting, the second row of chairs is a high-class merchant seat, with a wide hand and spacious walkway .kia sedona is an option The top of Dam Vinh Sedona is selling in Vietnam with 2 engine options for oil and gasoline. Oil machines have 4 cylinders, 2.2-liter capacity, producing a maximum capacity of 190 horsepower and maximum torque reaching 440 nm in Deluxe and Luxury. The other version of Premium Sedona was equipped with a V6 gasoline, 3.3 liter capacity providing a capacity of 266 horsepower and the maximum torque of 318 nm.

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