The Reasons Why Vietnam Can Win China

The army of Li Tie coach was higher, but Vietnam recruited completely enough to win 3 points. Before the direct confrontation at 0h on 8/10 (Hanoi time), all statistics are tilted On the Chinese recruiting side. They won before recruiting Vietnam in the last 6 matches, scoring 20 goals and only conceded 3 times. The quality of the two sides also differ. According to Transfermarkt, the average transfer value of the Chinese recruitment is 728,000 euros / player

. This number on the Vietnamese recruitment side is 197,000 euros / players. It is clear, recruiting China has more opportunities to win 3 points. However, there are many reasons to believe that the coach teacher (coach) Park Hang-SEO is also capable of doing the same thing
The phoenix can bring the explosion to Vietnam before China. Photo: Yes. The hometown striker was busy who welcomed his first child so he was unable to contribute to the confrontation with Saudi Arabia and Australia in the first two matches. In front of the big teams, the lack of construction causes Vietnam to recruit more deadlock in counterattacks. The phoenix is a "needle" player who is favored by coach Park. He has the ability to break through speed, technique and also good force. When Vietnam recruits a deadlock, the construction can create a mutation thanks to individual processing phases. Van Duc has similar qualities, but less trembling. The fellow countrymen of the Phoenix also does not show good performance in recent times. Therefore, the striker HAGL returned to the Vietnamese team is important
Chinese media also continuously mentioned the Phoenix and assumed that he could shine. The phoenix also brought a lot of positive signals. He practiced with U22 Vietnam to regain strength for about 1 week and quickly caught the beat in the team. In two matches with U22 Vietnam, the Phoenix also scored 3 goals.On the 2019 Asian Cup finals, the Phoenix has many breakthroughs through a series of Japanese experienced players, including Maya Yoshida, Trung Defend the ball for Southampton (England). However, he couldn't score when he finished hastily. Fans expect the phoenix to shine in the match against China in the same way. Of course, he will have to improve the finish. Besides the Phoenix, Vietnam recruiting also welcomes the return of Duy Manh after suspension. Before receiving a red card in the match against Saudi Arabia, the Hanoi Club's midfielder played or with many suspension situations, preventing an opponent's shot. Vietnam recruitment can be played with the three most powerful midfielder in the last 3 years, Duy Manh, Ngoc Hai and Tien Dung.Wu Lei and teammates cannot launch any finishes in the 3rd world qualifiers CUP 2022. The opposite level in the 3rd qualifier The next element is that the Chinese recruiting has no too good form in the last two matches in the 3rd World Cup qualifier 2022. They play completely compared to Japan , Australia. Even if they don't float a finish to hit the destination. Besides, the tactical mark of coach Li Tie doesn't show much. Dang AmaAobi, former V.League scorer, shared with Zing: "I watched the Chinese recruitment competition. They don't have a good match, elements like moving, the lineup ... are very bad . I was surprised to witness it. Even I want to turn off the TV. If you keep the current form, Vietnam recruits enough to win 3 points ". Fine when confronting Saudi Arabia and Australia. Before West Asian rival, coach Park's army opened the score first and only failed 1-3 when he had a strong card. Going to the match against Australia, Vietnam recruits difficulties for the opponent. They won 3 points thanks to Ajdin HRustic situation, the midfielder is playing for Eintracht Frankfurt, passing the ball too much, completely eliminating Vietnamese defense. Many optimistic experts on the opportunity to win Vietnam before China . Coach Phan Thanh Hung, who has driven Cong Vinh, Trong Hoang, Van Dinh confront China 9 years ago, was one of them. "I think now, recruiting Vietnam is good and Chinese team Not very strong. I hope to recruit Vietnam to have good results in the match against China. Stone with the top Asian teams, Vietnam recruiting is not so bad. Looking at China, we see They are not strong team. So the ability to recruit Vietnam can win points, even winning China is there. We don't think China is so strong that Vietnam recruits can not win ". Da Nang Club shared more: "Actually, the Chinese recruiting is not the team with a clear game. They also kick the ball, long shadow, the game is quite normal, not something too special like Japan Or Australia. The characteristics of the Chinese team are not visible. "Article of course, Vietnam recruitment is not easy to defeat China when they have many good players in degrees I looks like Wu Lei (striker of espanyol) or citizen elements are Elkeson, Tyia

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