The Records Are Set Up During The ‘flashy’ Space Travel Of Jeff Bezos Billionaire

The richest man in the world has just completed a 'flashy' space tour only lasting 10 minutes 10 seconds, from the moment the ship leaves the launcher until the space cavity touches the ground. These records are set up. During a flashing space of Jeff Bezos.Theo CNBC billionaire, on July 20, the billionaire Jeff Bezos completed the first flight into space, marking Blue Origin's accession to the market. Private aerospace is known, this is the first flight of this company carrying a private passenger, meaning much higher risk level

. Therefore, the founder Jeff Bezos has become the first billionaire in the world to make a flight into space when his ship has never done any previously cared mission. Besides, the flight of Blue Origin also set up more records. According to the official announcement of the company, the crew crew has reached a maximum height of 107 km
The maximum speed of the rocket is 3.593 km / h, equivalent to about 3 times the sound speed. From the moment the rocket leaves the launcher until the spaces of landing spaces, this journey lasts 10 minutes 10 seconds . This is probably a record short time for a successful spacecraft with the first test with passengers. On the ship of the billionaire Jeff Bezos, there are 2 recorders when they become a young man. Best and oldest fly into space. Specifically, Ms. Wally Funk, 82-year-old female pilots pioneering in the field of aerospace, became the oldest person flying into space after the trip with billionaire Jeff Bezos. The previous record belonged to Mr. 77 years old John Glenn was on the flight of Discovery spacecroves in 1998
The second is an 18-year-old young man Oliver Daemen holding a dream record when a young man Most fly into the universe. It is known that Oliver Daemen has a special passion for space from the year to 4 years old. He has just graduated from high school in 2020 and has just examed the recent pilot certificate. Daemen carries Dutch and his father is the founder of the leading investment company Somerset Capital Partners in this country. To be on the ship of Blue Origin, Oliver Daemen spent $ 28 million for a longer flight 10 minutes. Thus, every second on the ship of Blue Origin is worth about 65,000 USD. 18-year-old boys Oliver Daemen and her 82-year-old Wally Funk grandmother set a new record in flight with Jeff Beff Bazos. It is also a record that many people have to be overwhelmed. According to statistics, from 2001 to 2009, 7 visitors flew into space with Russian Soyuz spacecraft. They were on the ISS International Space Station in a few days before returning to the earth. The price of these journeys fluctuated in about 20-25 million USD / flow. Currently, each chair on V.S.S Unity spacecraft of Virgin Galactic, founded by the British billionaire Richard Branson, only costs about $ 250,000. The ship will take passengers to a height of more than 80km above sea level before returning to Earth and landing as an airplane. The height of Branson's ship reached about 20km lower than Mr. Bezos's ship. Currently, Blue Origin hasn't said how long the ship maintains a weightless state. They only said the journey ended in 10 minutes 10 seconds, from the moment the ship leaves the launcher until the space cavity touches the land. Happy CNBC, Bloomberg

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