The Relationship Of Tung Duong And His Wife 2 Hoa Thuy After More Than A Dozen Years Divorce

Tung Duong and Hoa Thuy still keep a good relationship, seeming to be like the friends.0: 00/1: 35 nam people in Tung Duong - Hoa Thuy Meet and know each other when together spin the movie "Living forever with the player ". At that time, Hoa Thuy was only 18 years old and Tung Duong did not end marriage with his first wife. After giving birth to affection, the two decided to move back to live and have children together despite a lot of criticism of public opinion. But only 7 years after returning to one house, Tung Duong and Hoa Thuy decided to "go anyone"

. For now, the cause of the breakdown between them has not been revealed. However, after divorce, even though both were married to others but Tung Duong and Hoa Thuy still kept a good relationship. They showed each other like friends and regularly exchanged children
When Tung Duong was sick, Hoa Thuy was still asked. Newly here, Tung Duong suddenly shared the photos he took with his ex-wife was eating and drinking together with the witty notes: "Go drink with you Previousness ". The civilized behavior of Hoa Thuy and Tung Duong received a lot of agreements from friends and fans:" Breaking up and still can be friends. Great too, "" Great brothers and sisters too, "" real civilization "," admirable brother "... at the same time, there are also many comments expressing the desire to come back together as before:" I wish you two now The house is like old? Because of the new wind waves understand each other more, to go to the end of the road. What is yours before I'm also my problem. This is very beautiful, "" Is there a movie with an old love? "," It's still beautiful. single

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