The ‘relationship’ On The Sand Is Killing And Killing The Most Beautiful Island In Europe With The Pictures Of ‘blinds’

The pictures of comfortable couples with different types of different styles on the sand of a beautiful island are becoming a painful problem. New, CNN has a special article that raises a warning bell In terms of a beautiful natural landscape of the world is gradually being destroyed by the "sexual drive" .Theo, Dunas de Maspalomas Special Nature Reserve, is located in the famous Gran Canaria (Spain) Europe by sand dunes stretched with pristine beauty. According to CNN, this place also regularly leads the list of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe. Sand dread on the Gran Canaria coast is one of the last remaining sand dunes of Europe

. They are protected by the Spanish government since 1982 and are a resting place of migratory birds between Africa - Europe. However, now this place has become a place where tourists come to play and sex. The pristine sand dunes are a leading attraction on Gran Canaria
The researchers have until 298 " Sex drives "by visitors themselves on the beach, are mainly concentrated in" dense vegetation "or sand dunes surrounding vegetation. According to the researchers, when trying to create "happy drives", visitors devastated vegetation as well as harming the creatures living on sand dunes. , toilet paper, the most cigarettes are condoms that have been left on Gran Canaria Island a lot. The Environmental Protection House on Gran Canaria is said, the more distant "sex drives", the more garbage is thrown away. Some tourists consider this tourist destination other than the "toilet or public landfill". In both the banned areas "of the beach, where people do not appear to have 56" Drive relations ". Travelers have completely ignored the environmental protection here. Many "happy drives" broke the landscape of Gran Canaria Island. Comfortable couples "makes love" on sand dunes without thinking of Hau Patrick HESP's article on The Conversation of Patrick HESP, the environmental activist on Gran Canaria island said: "Giant lizards in Gran Canaria have died of eating condoms left by visitors. They I do not banned visitors with sex in public, but they need to be aware of the consequences "
patrick HESP added that:" Jobs a few couples 'rattan' on sand dunes are jars Usually in Europe. However, there are dozens of double gatherings in an area to do that every day is alarming. I don't understand why many people consider Gran Canaria to be 'sexually paradise'. They are Destroy beautiful sand dunes and don't forget that Dunas de Maspalomas reserve was established with the purpose of educating environmental protection consciousness. "Many creatures and carpets The animal is being destroyed.Thu attracts 14 million visitors a year, Gran Canaria is an attractive tourist destination for visitors from the US, England and Germany. However, the island's landscape is seriously degraded from the couples looking to come here to make love. This phenomenon has never appeared in any other tourist destination in Europe.: CNN

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