The Rich Vietnamese House Hunts ‘poor Vegetables’, Not Cultivating Themselves

Less who knows that there are only weeds but today, they suddenly become the specialties hunted by urban people with expensive prices in the area. Vegetables with smells "Ngai Ngai", known as many names like leisure, Khau Huong, Long Chau Wolf. Vegetables grow in the mountains of the highland districts. Article made the characteristic flavor of this vegetable is smelled, when preliminary preparation of dishes right through vegetable leaves for less odors. Do not use food in every meal Family rice, cow decays are also used by people as a medicine

. This vegetable is particularly good for people with kidney, liver, urinary tract inflammation ..
Cow's harvesting time is often around From February to September lunar calendar. After harvesting, vegetables will be sold for 5,000 VND / bundle, if sold to a large number of restaurants, the price will be 40,000 VND / kg. 1 specialties with the original "poor vegetables", are hunted and bring millions of dongs to the seller every day. At the beginning of March every year, cassava vegetables will appear on the market for 40- 45,000 VND / kg. Also, consumers can also buy cassava melons with bowls with prices from 10-15,000 VND / bowl. Up to 2-3 quintals / day. It is easy to understand why the capital people are very popular with this forest vegetables, even considered this rare specialty to help "change wind" for more attractive diets. In addition to the two vegetables, the western coconut vegetables - coconut vegetables are also once a vegetable for pigs, but now "changes life" to become the specialty of the East and South Central people. Called aqueous lotus - Talky tree, from the body Stabbing a lot of small branches, growing in an empty field and flooded fields, Ao Ho.rau coconuts in the West before being considered a wild, adversely affecting the growth of other vegetables, so often being abandoned by people
But recently, it becomes an expensive vegetable to be hunted by urban people. It is known that in coconut vegetables contain active ingredients such as flavonoids, tanin, potassium, have the effect of heat, detoxification, benefits Tiểu.Rau coconut eats with a warm warehouse sauce, slightly pruritus, creating a characteristic of the Western specialty in the floating water season. This vegetable is being sold on the market for the price of VND 120,000 - 150,000 VND / kg.Theo Huong Nguyen / Dan Viet

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