The Richer Has A Rich Labor Because The ‘boys’ Promise … Love

IT everyone knows that the aura of the success, that level when he returns to the fully equipped villas I am a lonely, weak, fragile woman to the cells in the body in the body Illustration: The Internet definitely bid farewell to me after 2 years waiting for me to give a husband's house a boy to watch. Although the doctor has advice that I only have late pregnancy, but the reproductive function doesn't have a serious problem. Too disappointed because I was in the time of the reconciliation of my husband, my husband brought his girlfriend home, so I quietly arranged myself, furniture on my parents to avoid having to witness the scenery, gai Every day in the place called his home team, it was not a long-term diligent, regaining the calmly, I said goodbye to the city to return to the city to rent an apartment in the apartment building and started to begin Planning to rebuild life without a long man still close to his side of his side. Get your new relationships, not rely on the prestige of the old husband's company. The spirit is comfortable, convenient business after 3 years leaving the successful shadow thanks to my husband's company, I have a company with your own capital if your old husband knows is also hard to believe

. Entering the job of doing business, it's time to startling I wake up I have entered the age of 40! It was proud to arrive in my feet, I also heard a partner who called me a lady, they gathered that I was too young compared to the age, too wealthy, luxurious with many property blocks of people dreaming. But few knows that after the aura of the success, that level when returning to the fully equipped mansion I am a lonely, weak, fragile woman to the cells in the body .
. I Knowing every night I sobbed to the beat, I understood what I wanted, needed for my lonely life when the old age was crashing my door. I started to deal with my assistant work, for the staff to take care of myself. I joined my lady club to go to the beauty spa and I always heard the sweet honey praise in the men that I kept my eyes. After many love with gentlemen "bored rice, crave pho "Or for some reason that lack the hand of his wife's care, I am no longer interesting because there are always obstacles that feeling I have an error, feeling I deceive your partner. I decided to find myself a young man, based on my voluntary and affordable agreement "money awarded, porridge". Thought young men to find safety, seeking fun Love - money like capital, unexpectedly the boy who works for tourist guides, fluent in the language too familiar and I learned and used it for a long-term business made me die, died. Poor I was nearly 20 years old, tall, handsome like a talented actor, cleverly pouring honey in my ears, so I never let me let your lover out of my mansion but in my wallet. I can't say I boa for the young personality but I actively, I voluntarily respond to the demand for the boy's money. The business in the company is almost a white summit for the lower level, because I always get a Word Suggest to organize expensive tours in which young lovers always know my spending on time, very reasonable
.. in one time together, he will be delighted with me for a lifetime, will go home Please bring my parents to marry me for you. Thinking that Thien Ha lacks a young husband, old wife and still happy, so I love you. I moved for the young love some big money to fix the house in the countryside, to help the parents overlap the future to raise two children after him school. I bought cars for personality and always filled the boy's account to keep his legs. Unexpectedly last month he told me to go home to his home to a few days and his parents went to the city to marry me, but finally through the source of my friends died when he knew the boy went honeymoon with his wife Young children are dozens of age in a land that is dubbed the paradise for young couples.

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