The Richest People In The World Are Committed To Paying Money To Save Planets

Reuters reported, the founder of Amazon, billionaire Jeff Bezos, committed to donating $ 1 billion to save the planet.0: 00/2: 15 namtheo, this commitment is part of Mr. Bezos's promise For "Earth Fund", the fund that the world's richest man created in 2020. In that, Mr. Bezos pledged to allocate $ 10 billion in 2030 to finance the activities of scientists , Activists and non-profit organizations are against climate change

. The richest people in the world, Jeff Bezos billionaire will spend money to save planets. (Photo: Globallookpress) Amazon billionaire believes that climate change is the "biggest threat to our planet". In 2021, the grant will be reserved for conservation programs in the region of Congo in Central Africa, North Andes in Latin America and Pacific
However, it is still unknown that the organization will receive funding. New, on September 20, Breakthrough Energy Non-Profit Fund (Breakthrough Energy), founded by billionaire Bill Gates in 2016, Notice received The commitments of large enterprises in the US invest hundreds of millions of dollars. Mobilizing money is not revealed, but according to analysts, it can reach more than $ 1 billion. Investors include Microsoft, BlackRock, General Motors, American Airlines, Boston Consulting Group, Bank of America and ArcelorMittal. The Breakthrough Energy has not yet issued an official comment on the above information. This amount will be available for the project "Breakthrough Energyst," a new project developed earlier this year to provide finance, development and purchase of new solutions to help the goal of carbon emission air economy . Environment, in 2020, the founder of Amazon, billionaire Jeff Bezos launched "Earth Fund" to combat the impact of climate change. News about the fund appears when Amazon seeks to solve the criticism that e-commerce and fuel transportation of global carbon emissions. The company hopes to solve environmental criticism and in those In recent months, initiatives have been designed to help limit the environmental impact of the company. In addition, Billionaire Bezos has recently been criticized for not signing the so-called "commitment to go", one The commitment of the world's most rich individuals and families is to devote most of their properties to let go
Committed to be created in 2010 by Bill Gates family and Billionaire Warren Buffett. Perhaps Mr. Bezos's "Earth Fund" is his reaction to these criticisms. Pepper (translation)

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