The Right To Haunt The Crying Cries In The Village With 500 Cases F0

'Linh felt that covid fell too much, it robs how many people' lives', MC right to share a sharing 0: 00/2: 53 nam 0000: 00/02: 24mc rights spirit in the session Livestream people asked - the city answered on 13/9 and spiritually was one of the discharge roller artists to support poor people in Ho Chi Minh City in every corner of the city for nearly 4 months. The image of him carrying rice bags, honeycomb slippers to many poor neighborhoods donated food for people who have transmitted positive inspiration. Recently, male MC is always associated with programs because the poor continue to be a bridge to transfer people's questions to city leaders through the Livestream people who ask - the city to answer. Appearance in Cafe in the morning of September 14 On VTV3, MC Rights Spirit shares: "A charm that Linh's rights came to the resident program - the city answered was on a day of the spiritual working in a neighborhood, Mr. Le Quang Tu Do - Deputy Director of Department Broadcasting

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