The Risk Of Losing Food Security, Korea Began To Receive International Aid

North Korea's food situation is still very stressful and has signs that the country is about to receive many humanitarian aid rows from China, analysts and an UN expert said. Kaepoong village looked from Korean Observatory. (Photo: Reuters) Korea has long had to deal with food insecurity because of many causes, such as international sanctions, natural disasters and now Covid-19 pandemic led to border closure. This usually has to rely on import and aid from China to compensate for low crop output, but tight border control measures to prevent Covid-19 hindering cross-border trade, resulting in It is skeptical about the possibility that the water can overcome the crisis of lack of food. International sanctions aimed at North Korea's nuclear weapons programs causing many obstacles, and should be loosened to prevent Block a humanitarian crisis, Reuters Lead the evaluation of an investigator of the United Nations in the report announced earlier this week

. Meeting many economic difficulties, North Korea continues to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, including a series of recent missile tests, and continue to expand the country's main nuclear zone. Analysts believe that North Korea intends to enrich further uranium levels of weapons. This year this year has a particularly important role, after the leader Kim Jong Un warns the food situation "stress "After last year's natural disasters
In July, the United Nations Agriculture and Agriculture Organization received a relatively favorable crop for the 2021 season, but the report announced this week of a policy research and policy consultancy organization America based on satellite images shows that Korea's annual output is only average. "Although not so crisis to cause hunger, the negative trend, combined with external factors like Low output last year and the crop damage in the Northeast and the agricultural transport system made the situation of food insecurity (in Korea) more serious ", reporting of the International Research Center and strategy (CSIS). First time after months, there are signs that North Korea is receiving international aid. United Nations agencies announced that some shipments were brought to Korea and are being isolated at the ports of the country. Health and Nutrition Aid Health and Nutrition Aid (Uncef), Health goods from the World Health Organization (WHO) are among the aid rows that have been taken to Korea. Exported from China to Korea increased continuously for 3 months (as of August 2021) to 22 , 5 million USD.Chad O'Carroll, CEO of Korea Risk Group, a research organization and monitor the Korean situation, said that the country is still able to avoid a serious food crisis by aid and Import from China. Jiangtheo Reuters

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