The Role Of Blockchain In The Digital Economy

Scientific seminar 'Blockchain's role in the digital economy' has been organized by the South Science and Technology Science Information Center recently organized and analyzed the key to the digital economy. Quang Thai - Co-Founder and Xixo Ecosystem told Blockchain's role in the digital economy - Photo: Hoa Binh to scientific workshops, experts identified, with the characteristics of young people and classes Middle develops strongly, along with a quick sensitivity in the application of digital science, Vietnam has been ready for the entire economic digitization target. As well, in the process of social and economic development, countries have found one of the key to the opening of the digital economy: Blockchain technology (block string) .blockchain is day affirmation is a significant agent of the digital economy, causing businesses to reset the old concepts such as materials, assets, depreciation, contracts, business models, shares

... In addition, Blockchain also forms new models and components such as Defi, exchanging things (Exchange of Things), Economic Machine
.. On that basis, Blockchain is and will completely change the current production method , from production forces to production relations. Since then forming a new and more important form of production will lead to social structures, how people interact with each other or people interact with all things, seminars, analysts about them I am in front of the opportunity but also a small challenge for both Vietnam and International, and at this time, the blockchain application research approach in the new context is the decisive factor. Blockchain's role in the digital economy "- Photo: Hoa Binh Nguyen Manh Cuong - Deputy Director in the southern Department of Work, Ministry of Science and Technology said:" Today we talk about one "Trendy" technology, blockchain (block string). I only share that when converting numbers, data stories are emerged as a problem that requires scientists, technology companies must care and solve thoroughly. Now data is no longer the story of an organization, a field, a industry ... which belongs to the whole society, it actually becomes an important resource of nation, organization and individual, somewhere We also like a new "oil"
Data, big data (bigdata) is of decisive importance in digital conversion, which does not mean opportunities that potentially challenges. I personally think that Blockchain will become a key technology that addresses the challenge of data stories, large data in digital conversion. So can it say it's one of the important keys to convert successful numbers? "Also at the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Viet Duc - Vice President of Vicoland Group - General Director Treasury One Singapore Analysis of potential The energy of the digital economy in Vietnam market, sharing the number of transformation experiences at Vicoland Group. Mr. Chu Quang Thai - Co-Founder and Xixo Ecosystem told: "The views of the Blockchain role in the digital economy". The link between XBank and T99 marks future technology development and Finance at the Workshop - Photo: Hoa Binh Representing Seoul Startup Hub (online from Seoul - Korea Bridge) Speaking of Blockchain Development in Korea. Mr. Do Van Duc - CEO Boom Software - Latoi Group talks about: "Some applications of Blockchain in agriculture". Mr. Nguyen Anh Minh Dang - Co-Founder XBank attended with speech: "XBank - New trend for non-concentration financial activities". Ms. Crystal To - Director of Viet Lotus Nursery Chat about Viet Lotus - Ecosystem of digital conversion and innovation ... Representatives from many units have analyzed the positive points of Blockchain technology Current digital economy and identifying the process of sustainable development, proposing policy recommendations, how to help Vietnam take advantage of opportunities in the current new context. Peace

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