The Rookie Suddenly Suddenly Got The Film ‘knocked Out’ For Reasons Of Eating ‘lack Of Acting Skills’

Park Hae Eun retreated from the upcoming film of Hong Sisters' scenery duo because of some reason why few suggested. On July 8, TVN told the Star News news agency: "Park Hae Eun is picked up TVN Hwan's new drama (means the return of someone's soul after death) has left the film delegation after discussing with the production team. " The actress even completed the script reading part for the movie, but unfortunately she decided to leave the cast. TVN continued: "Although she is a rookie actress, we worked Hard together, but she feels a lot of pressure when playing the lead role of a big project. So after a lot of discussions with actresses and exchanging ideas with each other finally taken the decision That she will give up this role

. "Hwan Hon or the title of British Return is a broadcast film on TVN told about young magicians that cope with the Heavenly Souls. Initially the female role was allocated to Park Hae Eun, this is also the first role of rookie. In addition, Return also has the participation of Lee Jaewook, Hwang Minhyun and Arin
In addition to reading the script of the actors who have the first recording for this new project but because they feel the lack of acting skills, Park Hae Eun applied to withdraw the role. Now is no longer strange to the audience. Many reasons are given such as a health situation that cannot be allowed, do not arrange a certain schedule or a certain reason however, this is a rare event because the reason lacks acting skills is really rare .Return is the new film project of TVN which is puppy by the Sisters of Drama Hong, who wrote a lot of cult drams like My Girl, Hotel Del Luna, You're Beautiful and do Director Park Junhwa of What's Wrong Wrong with Secretary Kim, Because This IS My First Life will directly direct production.Jung Somin was selected to replace the new rookie to leave the film that the surprise left of rookie Park Hae Eun delegation was frustrated Looking for a new female to replace it. According to a source Jung Somin selected to replace Park Hye Eun becomes the main actress of Return.Nguyen Thu Ha - CTV

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