The Royality Of Roses For Daughter ‘virtual Live’, Which Is As Beautiful As Miss

The jars and chestnuts - two daughters of MC Quyen Linh often show off their photos in home gardens, which are praised as beautiful as the future Miss Future.0: 00/0: 59 NAMLE LEM - Ms. Princess The whole rights reserved, causing the people to be stunned with the scene to be too successful. The girl on the braided hair, Li shaking chubby or the three in many events was now a real girl. It is worth mentioning than the true beauty of the potential to break out in the "Arena" Miss, in addition to a great long legs

. But it's not only the bottle that the youngest baby (Thao Ngoc) is also as soon as he owns many lovely innocence, dimples like a mother. .Mc rights spirit invests a brilliant commission garden to serve two princesses "live virtual"
No parents, jars - chestnuts often show off photos of pink gardens, which makes the netizens have a lot of salty, the temperature is like the future. The jars took pictures with three rights, causing the people to praise. The baby has a graceful sponge. The beauty scene of the bottle makes many people believe that she is a heavy candidate for the flower title Hau.Background is a pink garden in the 21-billion mansion who does not shine with her rights reserved. Another photo of the bottle. She shows off the sacred corner, a sweet smile and a tall, slender shape. Many considers of the bottle with gentle and elegant beauty. The youngest út chestnuts are no less when the beauty is increasingly hatching Bùi. In contrast to her sister, chestnuts bring more personality beauty
The chubby cheeks of chestnuts. The baby has big eyes, a high nose and also inherits graceful, black hair, black hair Branches and sharpened items are "eating money" of the chestnuts.Baby Ut shows off in a corner of the family's garden. At the age of 13, the chestnuts also receive a lot of compliments about the prostitute of Phat.rachel Pham (Synthetic)

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