The Runner-ups ‘follow The Overlapping’ After Crowning, Enjoying The Marriage

Instead of joining the showbiz after coronation, the runner walls, Thuy An, Thanh Tu or Diem Trang, Tu Anh all chose 'according to the husband to quit playing', satisfied with the marriage life. Mr.Tú Anh was born in 1993, crowned the runner-up first of Vietnam Miss 2012 in Da Nang when he was 19 years old. She is a child one of the civil servants in Hanoi. In June 2018, Tu Anh suddenly posted a wedding photo on personal facebook and confirmed on the flower car in July of the same year

. Currently, beautiful people have been a mother. She is currently focusing on your family. The page is the page of Vietnam's runner-up 2014
She was impressed by sweet beauty and admirable talent. About a year later, the beauty was married at the age of 24. She was also a rare beauty of marriage while still in-years. After 6 years of marriage, Diem Trang currently has a stable life with the work of a MC , Television editor. Hau Thanh TauHanh Tu is also one of the beautiful people on the flower car right after being named in a runner-up position of a Miss Vietnam 2016. After that, she pursues the path as MC Television and unexpectedly announced the marriage plan in November 2018.A Hau Thuy An Luon Security in 1998, attracted by beautiful beauty and sexy shape. She crowned the runner-up 2 Miss Vietnam 2018 and set out "Chinh battle" in Miss intercontinental 2019. Before the end of the term, Thuy An runner-up unexpectedly announced that there was a boyfriend. Because Thuy An won the first runner-up 2 Miss Vietnam 2018, the couple must keep the affection to avoid being successful in January 1/2021, Ngoc Duy couple - Thuy An held a breakfast ceremony in Kien Giang
The most beautiful ethnicity. After the achievements reaped on the beauty arena, the walls made the audience unexpectedly when deciding on the flower car in November 2020, the time was only 20 years old. After getting married , Walls limited to participate in showbiz.phan Nguyen

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