The Russian Minister Died For Saving People In The Exercise

The Minister of Russian Emergency Yevgeny Zinichev died today (8/9) when he is trying to save others. "The Russian emergency ministry is sorry to announce that Mr. Yevgeny Zinichev died Pitifully, while he is saving the lives of others at the interdisciplinary exercise to protect the Arctic region to avoid emergency situations, "Sputnik news agency leads the status of the Russian emergency set Clearly. The Minister of Russian Emergency Yevgeny Zinichev. Photo: Tasstheo preliminary reports, Minister Yevgeny Zinichev is standing on the edge of the cliff, the filming person stands nearby slip and falls

. Mr. Zinichev immediately jumped from the muzzle to save the filming, but he hit a stone and seriously injured. Then, Mr
Zinichev and the filmed by the helicopter saved by the helicopter, but both did not over Reverse while on the way to the hospital. The Kremlin spokesman, Mr. Dmitry Peskov confirmed that President Vladimir Putin was informed of this psychological case. Sputnik news agency, Mr. Yevgeny Zinichev was appointed as the Minister of Russian emergency status since the year 2018. Tran Tran

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