The Screen Is Compete Between Two World Superstars Neymar And Messi.

In the Copa America Foundation 2021 between Brazil and Argentina at 7:00 on 11-7 (Sports HTV) Neymar and Messi will confront each other on the court.02: 00/1: 13 South Vietnam is not only divergent In the field yard out of life, they are also rated as the "killer" of the world football the world when she is close to Barcelona shirt. In the national coat color, Neymar once encountered Messi with a winning achievement, defeated steadily. However, in the last 2 confrontations between the two most powerful teams in South America, the victory belongs to Neymar and Brazil . It was the match in the 2018 World Cup qualifer and a friendly match in October 2014

. Constructing between Neymar and Messi in the Finals Copa America 2021 attracted the attention of the World Soccer Village. Family: Reuters Achievements Personally, Neymar cannot match Messi, players who have 6 times to win the European golden ball title. However, about the national title in the national coat color, Brazilian superstars are better than the senius when helping Selecao winning the Federation of the Continents in 2013
This year's Copa America, Neymar and Messi are pillars Important in national coat color. Neymar contributed 2 goals, 3 assists in 5 appearances from the tournament. Meanwhile, Messi scored 4 goals, 5 assemblies and temporarily leading the list of "best players in the tournament" in this period.

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