The Screens Of Buying And Promoting Fish In The Abdomen Are Full Of Comedy, Passengers Who Are Lamenting Around

This type is considered a way of cheating of the seller to fish in the abdomen to increase the weight. The fish in the squid here is not long, a netizen shared the image of buying ink finished, thinking that meals Delicious rice but when I arrived at the surgery, I saw the inside with many fish large enough, small and small fishes. Affordable sellers to the level of fish for buyers, or in the abbill of the squid with the fish have not yet digested. However, the majority of netizens said that perhaps the seller sought a loving way by putting more fish in the abdomen. The buyer does not notice and it means the buyer has been "cheated" for a few other three times without knowing

. Only when surgery ink new ink or truth. Don't know where the image is taken where the image is shot, but most netizens believe that this is a trading type of profit and the buyer is actual but unknown . A netizen who has met this situation said: "I bought VND 80,000 2 squid to stir-fry a small bowl, the only belly has a dirty fish -" This is something confusing, the seller Stuffing the fish and weighing the ink heavy and they charge the buyer's money, "another netizen indicates
ink ink Netizens share incredible images when buying a large size ink to eat But the inside surgery has a fairly heavy fish. Shared images perhaps make many people fall back, a person who has a seller to buy promotional ink adds the whole fish. But there is no good thing so but this is the trick of the seller. For a fish in the ink body, it means that the weight of the ink increases, the seller has extra money while the size of the ink does not change. Many netizens condemn the seller's behavior and said There is no conscience and proficiency on the slightness of the buyer's news. A person who is dissecting a squid is encountered a very unexpected situation when discovering within 11 children. Buying a dish but was associated with 11 other items, this is an exciting deal. Abdominal abdomen detected 11 fish inside this day, a man posted the toner after the surgery. However, the following situation was surprised to find out about 11 fish inside the belly. The writing quickly received the attention of the netizens, everyone could not escape with this rare image
Everyone has a jokes and jokes as a poor child who has just been able to eat and sell it. Many people commented that this person is very lucky to buy fresh squid, just caught up with the appearance of such children. However, someone said that it is still the seller's chime game Now no squid for a while a lot of fish. Page (General)

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