The Secret Behind The Stage Of Vietnamese Stars: Few People Know The Real Name Of Dam Vinh Hung

The audience was very familiar with the names like Dam Vinh Hung, Hoa Minzy, ... but not everyone knows the origin and the meaning of these nicknames in this year. Art instead of real names to operate art for many different reasons

. For some people who are to impress the public, others, to remind a memorable memory. Let's learn the story behind Vietnamese stars! Dam Vinh Hung (Real name: Huynh Minh Hung) Turks Tam Dam Vinh Hung was set by artist Hoai Linh and singer Ngoc Thuy (Wife Musician Huynh Nhat Tan) for male singer. Not many people know, he has a real name of Huynh Minh Hung
The voice apologized for the love of confusion: "Really if you don't have Mr. Hoai Linh, Dam Vinh Hung is now available". It must be realized that she is a Kpop fan, especially 2NE1 group. Nghe Nghien Minzy also originated here, it was transplanted from her real name and a former Korean female group member 2NO1: Minzy.Quang Le (real name: Le Huu Nghi) When I knew Quang Le's real name was so different from the art. On the new day of singing, the list of names remained this name but he saw his name "is more like office people than artists". Then he has a charm with a named person in the field of music production in Hai Foreign and suggested to use the art of Quang Le. He brought this name to consult his grandfather and received the approval. Thy (real name Tran Thi Thuy Loan) Bao Thy was considered one of the most pioneering and successful singers of teen music- Pop in particular and the famous singer movement from the network world in general. However, the female singer turned, Bao Thy was not a real name but only her nickname
The name was from the name of the boy and the word Thy was the name she loved from small because he felt Thy people Very feminine should decide to take Bao Thy as a list of sing.jack (real name is Trinh Tran Phuong Tuan) in contrast to the artist, Jack has a long name is Trinh Tran Phuong Tuan. Male singer revealed because his father loves a martial arts star Thanh Long - his name is Jackie Chan, so he took the name Jack as a list for brief and marked memories with his father.erik (real name is Le Trung Thanh) While other artists choose nghe nghnight, the name Erik is removed from the top 100 best English names. "Select Great, but there is no sense," said male singer. He also said that if he didn't take that name, he would choose the name Max to the song with Min.Rachel Pham (General)

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