The Secret Of The 1-year-old Giant Is About To Inherit The Property Of Tens Of Trillion

As the richest family of India's richest clan, Prithvi Ambani's boy over 1 year old ranks in the ranks of hierarchical giants of trillion.0: 00/2: 39nam in Bacsinh in December 2020, father of Prithvi Ambani is Akash Ambani - son of billionaire Mukesh Ambani, Mother Shloka Mehta - The most powerful Diamond Empiracy Heirs in the Billion Council. With the "terrible", the boy Prithvi Ambani Enjoy the most powerful rich world privileges in the world and develop in a multi-person environment can only desire.Prithvi Ambani is one of the most rich and powerful babies in the world. The world itself is not unfamiliar with the name Ambani

.Mukesh Ambani - the grandfather of Prithvi Ambani is the richest Indian and Asia's richest with the value of net assets estimated at 74.9 billion USD. of Reliance Industries Limited belongs to Fortune 500, has estimated revenue of 100 billion USD / year
Prithvi Ambani's Nutian is Nita Ambani. Nita is also a member of the Board of Directors of Reliance Jio Infocomm, telecom arm of Giant Oil and Gas Group Reliance Industries. In 2016, Nita Ambani was listed by Forbes Magazine on the list of the most influential business leaders in Asia. India Mukesh Ambani and his wife and his wife are the richest family's owner Asia, Nita Ambani is also famous for luxury, luxury lifestyle. According to SCMP, one of the habits of many people known by the Indian giant's wife is never going a pair of shoes to the second time. Nita's shoe collection is up to hundreds of pairs of high brands Level as Padro, Jimmy Choo, Marlin ... Akash Ambani - The son of a senior leader in the family Reliance Industries of the family, and plays an important role in the giant deal between this group with Facebook .Shloka - Prithvi's mother also came from the wealthy Mehta family
Her parents own Rosy Blue - one of the largest diamond jewelry companies in the world. This family's net asset is about 500 million USD.akash and Shloka - Boy's parents Prithvi Ambani, which are you Thanh Mai Truc Mo.Shloka Mehta graduated from Princeton (USA) in 2013 with a specialized anthropology, Complete a Master's degree in London School of Economics in 2014. She was considered a very smart daughter, with excellent academic achievement at all levels. After returning to India, Mehta House Spend a lot of time serving the community. These experiences motivated her to work more socially. She also became the family supervisor Rosy Blue Foundation of the family. Shloka Mehta's marriage and Male Head of Ambani took place in 3 days 3 nights. In the century wedding, Shloka Mehta was awarded the world's most expensive diamond necklace in the world worth $ 43 million (about VND 1,000 billion) attracting the attention of the media at that time. Meanwhile, the groom's sister gave his sister-in-law a luxury apartment. Asia's richest ethnicity of Mukesh Ambani makes millions of people admire with a tens of billions of dollars and luxury life The most in the city of India's flowering of India. The number of ambani families living in a 27-storey building is worth $ 1 billion in Mumbai named Antilia.Antilia with many swimming pools, ballrooms, a garden spread 3 floors long, 6 floors of parking, 3 helicopters and can withstand 8-degree Richter earthquake. This building requires 600 employees to operate and serve a small corner in the Ambani family's $ 1 billion tower who is living. The relationship is close to Indian politicians, Bollywood stars, Gia Ambani family has long been a relationship with many large characters in the world like Prince Charles and Camilla, Princess of Cornwall, former British Prime Minister David Cameron, former American President Bill and Hillary Clinton, former General United Nations Secretary Ban Ki-moon and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, ... Dieu Minh (General)

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