The Secret Relationship Between Kim Hye Eun And Yoon’s Wife And His Wife In The ‘tragedy’

The 'Venerable Trench' film became increasingly dramatic by overlapping relationships. In which Eun Soo wife (Yoon Se ah) and Seo Young's love (Kim Hye Eun) is very close to each other.02: 00/3: 19 NAMBI ROADS - THE ROAD: THE TRAGEDY OF ONE Episode 5 Movies The Road: The Road: The Tragedy of One has the content that revolves around Baek Soo Hyun (Ji Jin Hee), a famous journalist and is respected. However, behind the perfect man is another face with cold and unpredictable. He can do everything to achieve what he wants

. Baek Soo Hyun married SEO Eun Soo (Yoon Se Ah Role) A actress, daughter in the family of power. The outer family of a happy family caused the appeal of the film is love The mysterious secretory pulls the viewer away from this surprise to another. To cover his tragic crimes, the perpetrator was not from the tricks
Thereby also raises a lot of secrets, the sinful pasts of the wealthy characters in the upstream. Inside is the most doubt or mutual and the most tragedy are adultery relationships, Baek Soo Hyun (Ji Jin Hee) adultery with Father Seo Young (Kim Hye Eun) and as a result, the boy died Choi Jun Young was his son. And his wife, the outer cover is a gentle, gentle wife, the inside of adultery with Oh Jang Ho (Kim Seung Min). The characters expressed the intrigue and perverted needs in the film.Che hide his stealthily, but also in general of life instead, Seo Young's father and Seo Eun Soo's wife was close friends. They have a very shady relationship like hiding some terrible secret. Let's follow and watch the tragedy to have an exact solution. Love and wife are friends who are on the road: The Tragedy of One Seo Eun Soo (Do Yoon Se Ah) has found A mysterious vial while cleaning up the lights of the late son Joon Young's father Seo Young (Kim Hye Eun). When reporting Joon Young's autopsy refers to a drug found in his stomach, this discovery has raised new questions about the death of the boy. Does the cause of Jun Young's death is caused by a certain medicine? Father Seo Young is worried about Jun Young's vial is giant, after meeting Park Sung Hwan (Jo Dal Hwan), the only Witness Best of the kidnapping
After Seo Young's father returned, Park Sung Hwan was killed. Earlier, Park Sung Hwan also revealed that he and she had a love relationship. Does he suspect Choi Jun Young is his son? He also threatened Seo Young's father that he knew the perpetrator and he had a lot of photos of Seo Young adultery with the deputy head of the police. She discharged her vial to the Seo Young toilet, then Arriving at Seo Eun Soo house, two people throw away all the drugs found in Choi Jun Young's medicine cabinet. The more detailed this situation, Choi Jun Young's death must be associated with Mother of Seo Young's father. If she herself hired the one who killed her son or she let her child drink some harmful drugs, it was cruel. The baby's death test shows that the amount of medicine in the stomach, SEO Eun Soo Play as a role in this case the latest moments in episode 5 tragedy, when Eun Soo carries Choi Jun Young's bag still in his home for Father Seo Young. Seo Young's father hurriedly rummped and searched for something in the late son's bag. Seo Eun Soo plays a role when he motivates his friend to act like that, Seo Eun Soo must know a certain secret of Jun Young's death. The relationship of the two people became extremely suspicious.Park Sung Hwan the latest victim, he has a lot of secrets about the upstream of unexpected circumstances in episode 5 tragedy, Baek Soo Hyun ( Ji Jin Hee) received a strange message. Immediately after reading the message, suddenly Soo Hyun fell down and faintly made friends and colleagues stunned. Soo Hyun's expression shows the despair when reading the truth in the message.Baek Soo Hyun also began to suspect his wife Seo Eun Soy's a movie, who was a bad person, everyone had a criminal tragedy - The Road: The Tragedy of One continues to shock with a new victim Park Sung Hwan. Let's talk to the movie on Wednesday and Thursday every week.

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