The Secret To Calling Capital Successfully Millions Of Startups

Although it is difficult to experience the disease due to Covid-19 epidemic but from the beginning of the year until now, many Startups Vietnam still call capital successfully millions of USD.02: 00/4: 28 Southern men for most start-up units ( Startup), which is usually limited resources and entrepreneurs must be a good limited use of resources to achieve the set objectives. In addition to the available capital sources, to realize and expand the business plan, the startups are "thirsty" which are always looking to manage to attract investors to care and pour capital. In addition to good ideas, the project valuation is exactly the way to plan the lesson business, the confidence is also a determinant of investors' capital pouring. In fact, in difficult circumstances due to photos The effect of Covid-19 epidemic but many Vietnamese Startups can still attract "terrible" capital from investors, including large investors abroad

. (Artwork: KT) Recently, buymed (Operating Unit, a Startup B2B on online pharmaceutical distribution has just received a 9 million USD investment in the series A.Tries so far, Buymed has successfully mobilized a total of 12, 8 million USD
Earlier, in the first round of Series A announced last year, this startup received a $ 2.5 million investment. A typical call for successful capital is LOSHIP - Startup E-commerce delivery and delivery . LOSHIP has just announced the successful capital of 12 million USD in the Pre-Series C round, raising the company's value to exceed $ 100 million, according to DealStreet Asia. Before that, according to Bloomberg, the English learning application Elsa has Huy Success of 15 million USD in the call of capital B series, led by Vietnam Investment Group and Sig coincide. It is noted, earlier this year, Momo wallet has completed the fourth capital call (Series D), with participation The investors' gias are existing shareholders and some new investment funds. The specific amount is not revealed by Momo, however, according to Bloomberg's information, this number can be up to more than 100 million USD. The analysis of Jenfi - Singapore's growth support fund, for the Startup community , calling investment capital is always a priority solution by capital which is a key tool that helps Startup to develop products and implement the campaign to launch them. Stable businesses also need to expand the market and development Collection, scale growth, .
. All of the above activities need capital. However, not all units are eligible to borrow capital in a traditional way. Conditions of loans are increasingly tightened, making many businesses that are more difficult to manipulate are the form of calling funding from investors and enterprises using capital to develop and share profits with their partners. (Artwork: KT) For Startup, calling capital is always a difficult problem. As units with little financial potential, they may not own valuable assets, have not built good credit history. Because of these limitations, many businesses have lost their opportunities to access necessary capital. At that time, calling for funding to become an effective financial solution. Jenfi Fund experts said that to call investment capital successfully, startups should find investors really suitable. Collaborate with an investor like accompanying a friend. Enterprises need to be awake to choose a friend who share the same kind of storms and directions, respect the cooperative relationship instead of just pouring money. In addition to finance, head to investors can support Startup on strategies. That investor should also prioritize long-term efficiency rather than mutation growth. Startup will have more opportunities to reach success when choosing the right companion. Besides, it is necessary to review to ensure that the business owns a condition of calling capital. In addition to attentive preparation, business review also helps Startup more opportunities to highlight their own differences. Factors to review include: Legal, Activities, Financial situation. In particular, Startup needs to highlight the prospects of businesses between this competitive market. With that, quantification of enterprise value to see the potential, the advantage of enterprises is also extremely important. The facts needed include: the number of customers who bought products / services; Purchase number; Frequency of brand appearance on communication channels; Growth rate ... These are data that all investors want to see and decide to pour money in or not. Share on US financial information channel CNBC, Mr. Rajan Anandan, Executive Director At Sequoia Capital India said that Translation Covid-19 caused startups to face a difficult period, hurting business psychology and exhausted capital. According to Mr. Rajan Anandan, for entrepreneurs starting businesses, Previous priority is to ensure that the business has a long-term "runway" - the time when they have before the business is clean. When a runway is long enough, focus on corporate restructuring, considering turning to another segment, reforming the sales way, finding new customers ... simultaneously, quickly closing the capital call, e

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