The Secret To Creating Beauty ‘hollywood Treasures’ Of Anya Taylor-joy

From Hollywood's face-to-face, Anya Taylor-Joy has become a leading beauty icon in the cast 9x.0: 00/2: 30 Vietnamese people born in 1996 Dubbing is the 'red carpet killer' with beautiful costumes and makeup styles I.00: 00/00: 38 On the screen, Anya is not afraid to try with many different character shapes. But with the beauty, she never broke the principle.1

. Moses, cleaning, moisturizing Taylor-Joy said that there are two things that she never forgot is to remove and clean the skin. Anya likes Chanel's face off cleanser Sublimage Essential Comforter because this product does not dry the skin. After washing your face, she will use True Botanicals Renew Nutrient Mist for moisturizing
Bio Oil products and Egyptian Magic cream are the secret of skin care before going to bed. The beautiful people lamented that he never had enough sleep but the two creams made her skin stretched as they had just been sleeping for 14 hours. Use sunscreen instead of ice cream nannya does not like much makeup. If possible, she wanted to leave the face of the whole day, but the nature of work never allowed. Anya restricts maximum use of cosmetics by using sunscreen instead of foundation cream. Using daily sunscreen will make her skin more color and healthier. Anya loyal to SkaCeuticals SPF 50 sunscreen. Component of the cream does not contain flavoring and paraben - a layer of preservatives that are widely used in cosmetics. Skinceuticals SPF 50 does not irritate and match all types of skin including the most sensitive skin. The eyebrow duosya makeup very carefully but the eyebrows are most naturally able to keep the natural state possible
She only shaped the eyebrows by brushing them in a certain direction.4. Eating Mianya likes to hit the mascara bold because she wants to emphasize his big eyes and sharp looks. SHOP PRODUCTS MI are 'weighted' is Too Faced Better Than Se.x and L'Oreal Telescopic.5. Lipstick Never obey the principle is only clicked on a facial area: eyes or lips. In addition to the shady eyes, she also adorned carefully for her lips. In Anya's bags always have two types of lipstick: Charlortte Tilbury color Bond Girl and another red ingot (usually Maybelline SuperStay in Pioneer) .8. Olive olive oil brings a lot of great benefits for skin. But Anya doesn't use it to moisturize or remove makeups, but to soothe the sunburn. She often gets sunburn in the summer and the fastest way to recover in olive oil.

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